Somatic Arts                     Path of the Living Waters Skill

Syntax: somaticarts

By training in the somatic arts, a disciple of the Living Waters may
attain an enhanced knowledge of physiology. With this background to call
upon, she will find that her healing and curing spells come more naturally
to her, requiring slightly less mana to use. Furthermore, all of the damage
she does will be very slightly increased as she learns to target weaker
parts of her foe's anatomy.

While the basic training provides only very minor bonuses in this regard,
learning this skill opens up the possibility of more advanced studies.
Towards this end, the scholar may specialize in a few specific racial
anatomies, though unlocking them requires study of certain texts, which may
or may not be easy to obtain. Each playable race has a corresponding text,
but the caster should beware, as no mage may specialize in more than three
distinct races.

Once a racial physiology has been learned, it may be improved through
healing or harming members of that race. Should the caster specialize in
her own race, she will learn it considerably more quickly. It is more
difficult to learn from healing than harming; furthermore, intelligence
plays a not-insignificant role in how quickly a race is learned. Unlike the
basic training, these advanced studies have the potential to substantially
decrease the mana cost of healing or curing, though only of the specialized
race. Similarly, the damage bonus against that race is also increased,
though less substantially so than the healing bonus.

To see which races the caster has specialized in as well as the current
level of learning, she should use the 'somaticarts' command. All other uses
of this skill are automatic.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence

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