Soulfire Shield                          Fire/Spirit Benediction

Duration: (level / 12) hours                           Minimum Cost: 80 mana
Range: Self or Groupmate

Syntax: cast 'soulfire shield' [optional target]

With the intimate knowledge of destructive magical forces gleaned from
her studies in the sphere of fire as well as the familiarity with the ebbs
and flows of mana offered by her spirit training, a mage of both spheres can
wrap herself or an ally in an aura of magic. Should any damaging energy of
non-physical nature strike this aura, a portion of its power will be
redirected to the victim's mind rather than her body. The soulfire shield
has no effect on physical damage. The caster's greater familiarity with the
workings of her own spirit will allow her to make the shield far more
effective on herself than when cast on an ally, redirecting an even larger
portion of the damage. The shield has no effect on a victim who has run out
of mana.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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