Speak with the Dead                         Major Spirit Utility

Duration: See Text                                  Minimum Cost: 80 mana

Syntax: cast 'speak with the dead' <corpse>
cast 'speak with the dead' <shade> guide <target>
cast 'speak with the dead' <shade> haunt <target> <object>

The spirit realm is filled with the ghosts and shades of those who once
lived, representing a valuable source of information for those learned
enough to tap it. Such a mage may use the speak with the dead spell to
communicate with these wraiths, or convince them to assist her.

By casting the spell on a corpse, the scholar may attempt to contact the
spirits to seek out who slew the person whose body it is. As this function
channels the very memories imprinted on the spirit world by the violent
death itself, no specific shade need be present to use it. If successful,
the adept will learn who the killer was, and possibly which way they left
and when.

The mage may also cast this spell on a particular shade, visible by
shroudsight. If this is done with the 'guide' argument, the phantom will
attempt to seek out whoever is specified, leading the mage to the target.
If this is instead cast with the 'haunt' argument, the ghost may haunt a
victim specified by the mage. In this case the scholar will need an object
once held by the target, or else the shade will have no power over him.
Haunted targets will be distracted by the supernatural event, suffering a
penalty to their skills until the shades eventually dissipate.

Primary Attributes: Charisma, Wisdom


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