Stone of Salyra                             Water/Spirit Utility

Duration: 15 hours                                    Minimum Cost: 70 mana
Range: Inventory Object

Syntax: cast 'stone of salyra' <sapphire>

Legend has it that the mighty archmage Salyra once had a friend who was
stricken by a dangerous grippe. Unfortunately, the mage was tending to the
survivors of a srryn incursion at the time, and the friend was bedridden
many leagues away, on the isle of Alensha. So the ever-ingenious Salyra
devised a new and powerful working; by enchanting a ring of pure sapphire,
the archmage was able to forge a link through which healing magics could be
sent. The imbued stone was rushed to the friend in the nick of time,
allowing Salyra to heal him from afar. The details of the working were
recorded with care, and passed down the generations. Even now, a mage of
water and spirit may cast this spell on an object made of sapphire, which,
when worn, allows the mage to heal and cure its bearer from afar.

Though the original stone is rumored to have never lost its power, the
current versions are not so strong, and will eventually lose the
empowerment. Furthermore, there is difficulty associated with sending
magics through the links; the added strain will cost more mana, an amount
increasing with distance from the target. Past a certain distance, the mage
will be unable to assist at all.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

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