Stonecraft                                     Major Earth Skill

Duration: Permanent                                  Minimum Cost: 240 mana
Cooldown: 15 - 20 hours, varies by level Range: Inventory Object

Syntax: carve
carve stone <object> <name>
carve staff <object>
carve club <object>
carve rune <object> <rune>

Fundamental to the art of earth magics is a deep, abiding familiarity
with the power of stone. Such knowledge is evident in the stonecraft skill,
which allows an adept of earth to carve stone in various ways.

Perhaps the simplest usage of this ability is to carve out a crude club or
staff to use as a weapon. While these creations are not known for being
particularly powerful, the ability to fashion such a basic weapon in a pinch
has proved nonetheless useful to many magi.

Those with a more artistic eye may additionally sculpt the stone, carving it
into whatever may strike their fancy. Such sculptures may be sold for a
small fee to those merchants interested in collecting gems and art. To
produce such a work of art, the mage should supply the basic, short
description of the object in the command; upon doing so, he will have the
opportunity to use the string editor to provide a more detailed description.
Once he exits the string editor the object will be fully crafted.

The final type of carving available to the mage is that of runes of power,
which -- once learned -- may be etched into any stone object he holds.
These runes may be invoked to grant power to the bearer; see help RUNES for
more. Without further training in the form of the STONESHAPER skill, the
earth mage will only be able to carve monosyllabic runes; longer ones will
be beyond his power.

Only objects made of stone may be carved, and save for when carving runes a
certain minimum size and weight are required, as the carving process itself
will reduce the amount of stone remaining. Failing at any type of carving
may destroy an object; similarly, carving anything but a rune out of an
object will destroy the object's previous usefulness, if any.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity


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