Subvocalize                              Minor Air Utility Skill

Syntax: automatic

The proper study of air magics has traditionally included command over
sound, whether thunderous in nature or projected at a distance. A portion
of these studies is therefore dedicated to instruction in the art of
subvocalizing spells, a technique which allows the mage to form the
requisite sounds in his throat rather than speaking them aloud. A master of
this art can therefore cast spells without his words being heard, possibly
preventing others from even recognizing that he has cast anything at all.
Naturally, the effects of many workings will be noticeable even if the spell
itself is unheard, but this practice is nonetheless useful for spells of a
more subtle nature.

This technique will furthermore aid the caster in mitigating -- albeit
imperfectly -- skills which hamper the scholar's ability to speak spells,
such as garrote and gag. Similarly, those who practice countermagic will
have less warning to defeat the workings of a mage so trained, and thus will
find doing so more difficult.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence


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