Temper                                      Fire Templar Utility

Duration: Permanent                                 Minimum Cost: 300 mana
Range: Target Inventory Item

Syntax: cast 'temper' <item> high
Syntax: cast 'temper' <item> low

Many disciples of the flame have sufficient control over their art to
carefully temper ferric metals, toughening them far beyond their natural
wont. While hardly the equal of master smiths, the skills of these magi are
nonetheless sought after by many whose lives depend on their blade not
breaking at a critical moment.

Tempering may be performed at high or low temperatures to help toughen
ferric materials. In the case of weapons, this equates to improved hitroll
due to the greater incaution with which the owner may now wield the blade;
other items tend to become more suitable as armor. Master flamesmiths have
been known to imbue weapons with additional minor bonuses, as well. While
all tempering comes with a risk of losing control and melting the item into
uselessness, that risk -- and the commensurate reward -- is far greater at
high temperatures. In all cases, a surviving product will be rendered
nearly indestructible by the process.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

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