Weavesense                            Minor Spirit Utility Skill

Duration: Discretion of User                       Cost to Initiate: 75 mana
Cost to Maintain: 50-75 mana per tick, depending on skill

Syntax: weavesense (used to toggle on and off)

The study of spirit is, among other things, the study of the Weave which
underlies all. An acolyte of spirit magics therefores learns early on to
sense the flows of quintessence from which the Weave is formed, so as to
pick out the most powerful founts of power and the ley lines emanating from
them. This ability is known as weavesense, and serves as a critical
foundation for more advanced workings later in a novice's career.

Those with weavesense activated will be able to see the strongest threads of
the Weave about them, and gain a sense of how attuned their energies may be
to positive, negative, ordered, or chaotic persuasions. In addition, such a
one will feel the resonances of nearby magics through the Weave, and be able
to spot magical auras surrounding objects; these abilities are akin to those
granted by detect magic. Maintaining weavesenses is a draining task,
drawing down the user's mana reserves each tick.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom


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