Sample Human Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Naelestra, Fire Scholar

Naelestra is a small, willowy woman. Lean in build and not tall in stature, she is far from imposing. Her hair falls in straight black sheets down the sides of her face, neatly lining up just below her jawline. Naelestra's face, too, is somewhat reserved her modest nose and small mouth give you an impression of fragility. Her eyes, however, are different. Large and ice-blue, they have a piercing quality to them, as if so hungry for knowledge that they pull upon their present focus.

Maelstefas, Fighter of the Vanguard

Maelstefas stands here, towering a head over the average man. Black hair wreaths his scalp, slightly curled midnight locks cut short. His body is lean; his wiry, corded muscles showing through his tanned and weathered skin. His face, perched atop his long neck, seems almost expressionless. Brilliant blue eyes stare with an otherworldly intensity, seeming to look through whatever they settle upon gripping his weapon with an easy familiarity. His walk is marked by a measured stride, the gait of a warrior.

Floraysis, Druid of the Pack

Your eyes fall upon the form of an old woman. Whitened hair falls to the small of her back, a few light blonde streaks the only thing left that hint at its old color. The long hair is held away from her face in a ponytail. Her skin is leathery and dark, the apparent effects of long years of exposure to the sun. The skin on her face is also greatly wrinkled, probably brought on by a mixture of simple aging and, again, exposure to the elements. Light-green eyes outlined by long lashes may be the only feature in her face that could be called beautiful. Her thin lips are cracked and brittle. A long neck leads down to the rest of her slender body four long limbs spreading out from her medium-sized torso. Little more can be seen of the body underneath her armor, but it is obvious that she lacks enormous physical strength. Despite her aged appearance, she holds herself upright; her posture seems near-immaculate. Finally, you notice branded upon her arm the glowing form of a running, full-grown wolf.

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