Sample Kankoran Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Rakhrhun Chakkach, Gladiator, Nirruh of the Pack

An aging kankoran is here, large frame showing the ravages of endless war. His fur, once a dense reddish-ginger, is now a chalky, lustreless white, tipped with silver. Long limbs still move with the feral grace and power of the hunter race, but there is a weight to every movement, as though every blow he has taken is heavy on his mind. His wiry coat is broken and patchy, gapingly pale expanses, gouges, and weals of scar tissue covering nearly as much of the muscled body as fur. Large ears are so torn and damaged as to be barely recognizable as such. The creature's eyes provide a marked contrast to the battered, prematurely aged body. An unsettlingly bright, tawny yellow, they seem as hollow orbs filled with golden dust that dances and sparkles with unflagging energy and inexplicable youth.

A fresh-woven tartan is bound about the kankoran's broad chest.

Jorir, Spirit Templar, Nirruh of the Pack

An aging kankoran is here, his long wiry body covered in lengthy, snow-white fur seeming friendly and warm. If you look closer to inspect his eyes, you notice a deep wild nature that barely hides beneath the calm surface, along with a hint of sadness buried somewhere deep within. Standing at seven feet, this good-natured beast is an impressive sight, especially since light seems to reflect from the snowy fur to create an aura of illumination. His arms, long and agile, glide and flow with grace as he moves around the world with a solid purpose in mind. On his upper right arm a sigil is placed on his fur, glowing, as it moves along, never seeming to break even as the wind blows his pelt about.

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