The Grand Federation of Merchants

The Grand Federation of Merchants are a group of like-minded wealth seekers devoted to the acquisition of property and coin. While their individual aspirations often vary widely, their common, primary goal is the obtaining of significant wealth.

For centuries, the operations of the Federation were conducted exclusively by the Corvalius family of Gaald and its retainers. However, the current head of house Corvalius has opened the organization's affairs to partners who share their ideals. Even in light of this expansion, the Grand Federation's base of operations remains within the Corvalius family's ancestral manor, near the northern boundary of Gaald.

Because the Merchants' ventures are intricately tied to the economies of Avendar's city-states and their power structures, its membership favors the lawful minded. While some who are truly neutral in their dealings might find that their goals align with the house, adventurers who find little interest in order will not be granted partnership in the Grand Federation. The Federation operates under the divine patronage of Ayaunj the Sterling. However, she has historically only provided distant guidance for the house, and individual Merchants are free to follow any lawful or neutral deity whose portfolio does not conflict with the Federation's goals.

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