Sample Nefortu Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Israject, Void Scholar

This pale-fleshed nefortu towers above his kind, sweeping majestically as he moves. His black-eyed glare is imperious and confident as it arcs about the room. His expression is intense and disapproving, narrow jaw set with self-possession. His thin nose splits his gray visage and a stubbled scalp tops his head. Membraneous wings arch from his body to his arms, holding his gargoyle-like frame aloft with steady beats. His form is swathed in a robe of pitch black cloth, hiding his build save for his long, spidery fingers and unnerving visage.

Kirasect, Fire Templar of the Vanguard

A small nefortu flutters about here, irregular wing beats keeping him aloft. His skin is an ashen, almost corpselike, gray. His eyes, wholly black like those of a doll, stand in sharp contrast to his light skin. The corner of his mouth always seems to rise a bit, in a malicious half-smirk. Over his armor he wears a dark, charred tunic His clothing and equipment are also so covered, darkening them to the color of coal. The air about this nefortu seems to warp and deform, as though under the influence of intense heat.

Terazek, Fire Scholar, High Lady of the Canyon

A nefortean woman hovers here, the air about her warped and twisted as if her very being exuded intense heat. Her skin is of a grayish cast, giving her flesh a stony appearance. From her back sprout strong wings, keeping her aloft with constant flapping. Her hands seem delicate, but her palms are scarred by innumerable burns. A narrow face holds a pair of darting green eyes. High cheekbones and a thin nose are set above a thin lips are set tightly, seeming to be permanently pursed. A smooth, hairless scalp tops her head, lacking even the usual stubble of her race. Her frame is slight; her lithe frame only marginally muscled. A dull red robe hides her soft curves, draped over her armors like a stain of dried blood. She seems alert, perhaps too alert, eyeing passersby with apparent suspicion.

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