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Water Templar Thoughts

Post by Crakan » Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:52 am

Life shield last a very short time. It's neat, but sucks when it crumbles away mid combat. Also had issues where I couldn't build up a stack in a container, as relogging caused them to crumble. I get around 2-3 minutes of combat before it vanishes. Then it's a 12.5 minute delay to cast again. It's really not in a good spot right now and needs some help.

I'd like to see it be a spell that you can cast on any shield. And still keep icy shields. Icy life-runed shield, yay? I think it'd be awesome. Even better if it could be cast on a worn shield. And if a frostbrand and rune of life could be cast on a wielded weapon. Might be a pipe dream though.

WT gets access to four different weapons. It's forms require a sword. Why? Can't we argue that a WT having to learn only two forms, can devote enough attention to learning to master the use of those forms with their other weapon choices? It'd be great to be macing someone who is a scholar, or daggering a fighter, or using a spear, and of course the ever faithful sword. Some option for variety would be nice.

Healing Ward has a faster CD than bandage does. I like that healing ward has a short cooldown, it makes it useful every rested fight you engage in. Bandage isn't bad, but it's still a bit longer of a CD than it needs to be. It's utility is nice though, but the fact it can and does regularly fail to cure maladies shouldn't limit it to a unhelpfully long cooldown for ranking and tanking.

Those are my initial thoughts.
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Post by Mandolo » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:26 am

Having multiple weapon types is always an advantage, even if a class prefers one weapon type. A lot of times, you can switch weapon types for different advantages. For example, you could use a sword in your primary hand and a weapon in your other hand for when you're not tanking damage for a more offensive posture. Daggers are popular for this, but that being said, with a heavy enough sword, you can find some light maces and one handed spears that make valid options for dual wielding assaults. It's also a rather valid option to switch from sword to spear if you don't have the mana to use one of the forms for more defense, since a spear is better at parrying than a sword. But, that being said, forms are rather potent abilities and require elegance that only a sword can offer, or in balance terms, it's done this way because swords are not the best weapon type in the game and being able to use a spear or a mace or even a dagger mainhand in a form would be rather unbalanced.

The short of it? That's like asking, 'Why do scholars get any weapon skills other than staff?' Because flexibility is good, diversity is good, and the game is balanced in such a way to keep it that way.
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Post by Steve the Black » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:52 pm

The solution to the shield question seems simple enough, make it so only WTs can use Life Shields and increase their duration to be more in line with other item-creation spells.

I do agree with you, the way life shield works is pretty wonky compared to the other item-creation spells in the game, including the Water Templar's own icy shield. Item creation spells features of templar kits, 4/6 templars get one, and VT gets some spells that radically modify existing items.

With the exception of life shield, all of these spells items last either permanently or at least considerably longer than the recast delay.

However, all of them, except for life shield, can only be used by the either the creator or other templars of the same class.

I think the brief duration on life shield is because if it was permanent it would be too easy to power up all your friends with what is generally the best shield in the game. It's also important to consider that shields used to be much more common in Avendar, almost every class with any combat ability used them, which was probably a factor in the determining the short life of the shields.
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Post by Bodisous » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:37 pm

Could always just have life shield be a spell you cast on your icy shield (Maybe other shields) to give it the heal on block.
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