[51 ATe] [RAIDER] Adran Arktash the Blight of the Skies, High Lord of the Canyon

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[51 ATe] [RAIDER] Adran Arktash the Blight of the Skies, High Lord of the Canyon

Post by sszon » Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:10 pm

Welp, Adran was unceremoniously beat down and left dying in a nameless ditch from internal bleeding. His mouth finally caught up to him.

I made a hardcore bandit in October to pass some hotel time on a work trip. And got killed getting ep. Damnit I hate ep. Afterwards, I got an old familiar itch. So I decide I’m going to play for real. I realized I’d never even created a scholar. Alright – let’s make a scholar. This being after a little hiatus, and with only the help files on the website, I had no idea about the current state of air. I landed on Air/void. Seemed like fun. Seemed.

A comprehensive review of air: :(

A couple of my goals were to set personal bests in hours and EP....340 and 9605 respectively. With a lot of ep left on the table. And that's easily double my previous high hours. Those kept me from quitting when I was totally over the class, but enjoying the character. My other goal is always mix it up and facilitate killin.

If I killed you needlessly or annoyed you. I'm sorry. If I betrayed you I'm real sorry, but don't feel bad - I had planned to backstab literally every player I interacted with. I just ran out of time. I was doing my best to play an insane, self serving, psychopath that didn't care about anything. And that meant I didn't have to be consistent at all. I hope I didn't ruin anyone's time, and at least made it interesting for some. Because I sure had a lot of fun.

Many thanks to the Staff! Especially the rogue, who seemed game to indulge my ideas of trickery and manipulation. At the expense of being waylayed more than any other character in Avendar's history. I really had a good time.

To everyone I played with: If I didn't kill you, I was planning on it! ...jk, thanks for the games and I'll be back someday!
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Post by Steve the Black » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:10 pm

Don't feel bad about playing your role! You did well. I always had fun interacting with you, even if those interactions turned out to be negative. Creating conflict keeps things interesting.
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