The Raiders of Twilight

The Raiders of Twilight are a band of thieves and bandits, devoted entirely to the satiation of their basest desires. They live for the bloody acquisition of loot and plunder, and the notoriety that follows in its wake. Power, then, is only desired by Raiders insofar as it is a means to the satisfaction of their ends.

Originally known as the Circle of Twelve, the Raiders eventually grew in strength and numbers. Their savage attacks made their names feared throughout Avendar, and brought the attention of the dark gods, who gave them the power to become the Raiders of Twilight. With the guidance of the dark powers, the Raiders evolved into a highly efficient engine of destruction, first striking with overwhelming force and savagery, then ravaging the remains with gluttonous ferocity. Over the years, they have developed an uncanny ability to find weaknesses in their opponents, and have been known to ruthlessly take advantage of them.

The Raiders of Twilight are predominantly motivated by greed for wealth or power, and use force and cunning to satiate these desires. Raiders are never lawful, using their position as rogues outside of the bounds of society to their own advantage. The patron deity of most Raiders historically is Arkhural the Darkhearted, whose bloodlust infused the original Twelve with their supernatural power. However, other deities whose principles and purposes do not conflict with the dark acts of the Raiders may also be worshipped in the band.

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