Sample Shuddeni Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Ksathogga, Air Scholar

This shuddeni, his height unremarkable, hangs at ease, hovering a few feet above the ground. His pale, wrinkled flesh is covered for the most part by his armors and clothing, but what you can see is free from tattoos and scars. He wears an unconcerned expression on his eyeless, somewhat-angular face. Between his narrow nose and jutting chin, his thin lips hide bright teeth. A slight breeze blows about him, but he seems not to notice.

Kulajak, Fire Scholar

The wrinkled flesh of this shuddeni is stretched tight over his wiry frame, the bones of his joints nearly jutting through. The pale skin of his face is tightly wrapped about his harsh features, sockets seeming to glare despite the obvious lack of eyes. His thin-lipped mouth seems to habitually pull into a vicious sneer and his brow seems to be ever creased. His spindly limbs end in long, calloused fingers and an undefineable heat seems to radiate from him.

Ksathaja, Thief

Your perception finds a stately, staid figure, a male shuddeni seemingly standing some six feet in height. Blade-thin, his willowy form is unseemly in its emaciation, with thin limbs that belie any suggestion of brawn. Extending from slender shoulders, his arms taper to finely-boned hands, with long fingers tipped in curved, pale nails. Inviolate and unadorned by scars, the colour of charcoal, his grey flesh is deeply wrinkled, having the appearance of leather. In contrast, his features are finely etched and delicate, with a small, gracefully sloped nose and thin lips, a few shades darker than the remainder of his flesh. His countenance betrays nothing, an eyeless visage dominating his otherwise patrician features, having an angular quality, as though shaped by chisel and hammer, lacking most of the thin wrinkles that crease the remainder of his form.

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