Sample Srryn Descriptions

These descriptions are for reference only, you should not use them for your character.

Tsyshoss, Gladiator of the Guard

This muscular srryn woman bears little in the way of physical features that may mark her as a woman. She is tall, has wide feet and large hands, and has narrow, beady red eyes. Her scales fade from red to blue to black in a consistent pattern along her body. Her snout is long and bears the beginning of a long crest that extends down her back and to the tip of her tail.

Sisirr, Thief

This srryn is wiry and thin, almost to the point of emaciation. His tightly toned body is covered with dark green scales. His muscles seem constantly tensed, nervous and alert. A pair of yellow, black-slitted eyes are set behind his narrow snout, wild and expressive as they dart rapidly about his surroundings. A long tail trails from his spine, alternating between whip-like lashing and eerie stillness.

Svissyna, Fighter

Lithe and strong, Svissyna stands here, relaxed and yet giving the impression of readiness for battle. Sleek black scales cover her body, adding to her impression of whipcord strength and hardiness. Her black eyes resemble those of a predator, cold and attentive to the movements around her, watching for an advantage. Both from her manner and appearance, it is clear she does not belong, nor like being within the boundries of a city. She has the aura of a hunter, and appears to not like to mingle with the rabbits of civilization.

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