Tzajai the Unpredictable, Dame/Sire of Fortune

Favored RaceNefortu
Element(s)Air & Fire
Home(s)The Plane of Air, The Roiling Chaos
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
SymbolGolden Wheel
Portfoliochaos, air, gambling, change, trickery, luck
Worshippersair scholars, the chaotic, gamblers, sailors, malicious pranksters, benevolent pranksters

History in Avendar

Born of the roiling chaos amidst the birth of the plane of air, Tzajai embodies the fecklessness of the wind and the very stuff of mutability and change. It was first worshipped by the Nefortu deep in their airy caves. The Lord of Chaos blessed them with the magics of air and they in turn cleaved to the nature of the fickle God. Not content with merely one race of followers, Tzajai's faithful traveled with the Nefortu merchants who emerged from the deep to spread the word to the other peoples of Avendar. In time the worship of Tzajai spread throughout the chaotic races, including the Kankoran.

Though there was a smoldering tension between the red-furred Kankoran and the Republic of Earendam, it is said that that the flame of war was ignited by neither. Rumors tell that it was a Misfortunate of Tzajai who, deeming it was time for the fortunes of prosperous Earendam to turn, took action. Intercepting and tainting a cask of wine meant as a peace-gift for the war-chief of the Kankoran clans, the resulting furor over the near-fatal poisoning helped work the tribes into a frothing fury. Amongst the Wheel-kissed, many parties agreed it was an impressive act of devotion.

Presently Tzajai still directs its followers to do its fickle will, seeking to bring chaos and change to the realms.

Goals and Methods

Tzajai seeks to bring chaos and change to the realms in its way. Ruled by fickle whims, the Lord of Chaos' attention is rarely held for long by any one plot or project. Without an overarching agenda, Tzajai leaves its mortal followers to do as they wilt in service to it. The Dame of Fortune favors the use of its avatar, despite the risks, to engage its followers in games of chance or acts of dire mischief. Even the most zealous of Tzajai's followers step carefully when dealing directly with their God, for bad luck exists as surely as good.

Organizations and Followings

Most followings of Tzajai are small and informal, and many of the Wheel-kissed are solitary in their devotion, seeing no need to seek out fellow followers.

The Chaoticians

"The forces of Chaos shall triumph over those of Law, for we are better organized!"

Following of Tzajai as the Lord of Chaos and Change, these faithful seek for the world to embrace chaos. The Chaoticians seek to overthrow the current order, but not always by force. They have been known to formulate excessively circuitous plans to bring to ruin establishments of order and servants of law. These plans are usually doomed to failure from the start due to their complicated nature. They are more inclined to try and convince someone to join the cause of Chaos than assault them, but even then their combat tactics tend to be just as complex.

Gamblers of the Wheel

"Find the coin and double your silver! C'mon, pick a hand- you won't find better odds..."

Chance-takers, gamblers and free spirits, these followers of Tzajai live by fortune and chance. The Blessed of the Wheel seek out and sponsor games of chance, for both their own profit and enjoyment. Though they revere the magic of randomness, they are not above edging the odds in their favor, by fair means or foul, to win. Tzajai is also the God of Trickery, after all, and being able to make ones own luck is its own manner of magic. The Gamblers apply chance to other aspects of their life, making important decisions on a flip of a coin or betting loyalty on a game of dice. What is life, they reason, without danger and excitement, after all?

The Misforunates

"You're right; he's had a charmed life. I guess we'll have to see about that."

A more sinister branch of Tzajai's worship, the Misfortunates are spreaders of ill luck. These worshipers often come from backgrounds of of poor fortune, which has left them embittered against those who luck has favored. Seeking to rectify this balance, and seeing themselves as agents of Tzajai's divine will, the Misfortunates use their skills to bring bad fortune to their targets. On feast days these faithful often gather to trade tales of their exploits and discuss new victims, often wagering on the outcomes and success of each others depredations.

Individual Followers

Tzajai is normally worshiped by sailors, gamblers, and any who find their lives inextricably bound in the ebbs and flows of fortune. They are often associated with a fierce predilection for danger and they usually exhibit a blatant indifference to the Laws of Iandir. Dismissing such things as boring and unworthy of time, they are far more apt to spend their efforts seeking out thrills and chance. Equally notable is their relative apathy towards petty ideals of good or evil. While followers may have ties and undeniable links to one or the other, the wars and concerns of morality hold little interest for the truly devoted.


Tzajai has earned many allies and many enemies amongst the Gods of Avendar. Due to its love of chaos and anarchy the Lord of Chaos and its faithful have allied with Girikha, Bayyal and Sythrak in many of their campaigns against the civilized lands. The Wheel-kissed are seen as fair-weather friends, though, because of their feckless and inconsistent nature. Many war-leaders have learned the hard way such troops cannot be depended upon. Amongst the Gods of Law, Tzajai is seen as a danger. Jolinn seeks to reign in the Chaos God, Iandir to control it and Rveyelhi to destroy it. Even Dolgrael holds a deep contempt for Tzajai and its followers for their cowardly nature and lack of meaningful personal codes. This all is of no concern to Tzajai, of course, who continues with its plots heedless of the cares and wishes of others.

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