A Myth of Lielqan and Nariel

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Excerpt from a lengthy songbook found in Gaald…

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                   A Myth of Lielqan and Nariel
               as transcribed by Eqidri of the Qali

This myth-song is of a form sung by the Leqari clan who dwells beneath the Sea
of Lidreau, and has several interesting differences between versions sung by
the Qali or Eqiril. I have done my best to transcribe the music they set it to
as well, but as most of their instruments work best underwater, this is at
best an approximation. Anyone who can find their way to meet with the Leqari
should absolutely make the time to hear their singers.

          - Eqidri, Eril Village

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The world was young and the skies were bright with sun
And Nariel ranged beneath the spreading trees
Her wit was sharp, her arrows swift, her step was
  ever-sure and true
Now Elar the Mother grew much concerned for
Her daughter dared places even she knew not
But a child leaves in order to grow so she
  tended home alone
In her garden the ethron grew strong and green
Under the Mother's care. Her water was love,
Her food was the sun, her soil her gentle arms:
  thus her ethron bloomed
Some chased Nariel 'cross the forest and
She taught them secrets her mother would not share:
To stalk a deer in silence, to sing with birds,
  string an ashwood bow

> read songbook 3
In silence did Lielqan dwell, beneath the
Sunset sea. No ethron sought her words or
Sang songs in her name. She knew this and did
  not sorrow, and yet--
No one is pleased to abide alone. She sang
To the coral and taught whales to breathe the air
But sharks she loved best of all: for they do not
  end but by their will
But Lielqan's touch is needed at times of
Beginnings and of ends. Thus she leaves her seas
And ventures onto shore. The ethron feared her
  summons dire, but--
She took them into her arms and held them close
She sang them songs as they died and shed no tears
While Elar watched and sorrowed for her children's ends
  Lielqan left them.


(written by neongrey)