Alatharya Are Rad Actually

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Captain Bromrin
Captain Bromrin

A towering alatharya dressed in the austere uniform of a Var Bandor guard, Captain Bromrin patrols the streets of the city, on the alert for lawbreakers. He supplements his uniform with heavy bronze armour, carrying the weight as if it is nothing, though it clatters as he stomps through his rounds. His countenance is stern but regal, slender features professionally blank, though smile lines frame his delicate mouth. His gleaming silver hair has been knotted into a club at the base of his neck, bound in place with iron wire. Rare for his people, he proudly bears the mark of Iandir’s favour, clear for all to see.
Captain Bromrin is in excellent condition.

Captain Bromrin is using:
<worn on torso> a great Var Bandor breastplate
<worn on head> a great helmet
<worn on feet> a pair of giant bronze boots
<worn on arms> a pair of giant bronze bracers
<wielded> a great claymore
<branded> the Sigil of the Iron Crown

You peek at the inventory:
no coins.