Update: Zupdate

 In Updates
  • Wall of fire is no longer effectively permanent and has the proper spell level applied to it.
  • Ch’lonin can no longer be shaped by earth magic.
  • Mobs with the instant_rot flag will no longer leave behind a corpse.
  • Inventory items being sold by vendors will no longer linger after being bought.
  • Shades should no longer be struck by stray arrows.
  • Program flow adjustments and minor polish/bugfixes.
  • Several bard guildmasters now have cloaks, to take advantage of their new defense.
  • The high kkhilgh, the Siyyad Khil’Ayum, and the ancient srorsian have been normalized against their counterparts, the ancient griffin, Ghaunda, and the seraphic seal warden and all should provide a comparable experience now for high-end leveling.
  • The cult that lives with the ancient srorsian is Fenthiran now, and neutrally-aligned. They’re not terribly fussed if you kill their lizard anymore.