June 2019 Mega Update (part 1)

 In Updates

* Racial resistances and vulnerabilities have changed as follows:
Aelin: bash (-10), mental (-10), lightning (+20).
– Ch’taren: weapon (+10), mental (+10), negative (-20).
Chaja: illusion (-20), fear (-10).
* A code-based task system has been implemented, which allows for characters to see visually when tasks are available and where.
– The system allows for one-off and repeatable tasks, with a variety of rewards.
– It has the capacity to retrofit existing quest content into its framework.
– A task log will display the tasks a character has completed, and how many times.
– Mobs may provide multiple tasks, which may or may not overlap, with independent cooldown timers.
* Tasks are presently available in the following areas:
– The School of Heroes
– The Sea of Lidraeu
– The Hakurah Monastery
– Var Bandor
– Jasa Lake
– The Chanisal Monastery
– The City of Gogoth
– Kzaya Ha Canyon
* A brief “new to MUDs”-style tutorial has been prepended onto the School of Heroes, for players who select new on creation.
* Added a “node” item classification, which allows characters to harvest resources from it via the harvest command. See help HARVEST.
* A number of existing bushes and plants from which characters could pick fruit have been converted to the node type.
* God touches have been reworked, giving nearly all of them new effects and/or bonuses.
* The sacrifice command has been rewritten, to supplement the changes to god touches listed above. See help SACRIFICE.
* The Tower of Aramril and surrounding grounds have received a complete overhaul.
– New and altered items for Champions, including generic, house-specific weapons and armor.
– The leader’s office has been moved inside the Tower, which has subsequently grown taller.
– New guard stats based on the Corvalius Manor generics.
– Many new or altered descriptions for mobs/objects/rooms and updated lore.
– Total replacement of all in-area progging.
– House specific treasures, which offer bonuses to members on Tower grounds, have been placed in-game.
* Strength of Aramril has been reworked, allowing it to dynamically update while on Tower grounds, and greatly improving its general effectiveness.
* Characters with the strength of Aramril skill can now actually improve at it.
* The Grand Federation of Merchants has received improvements to maintain parity.
– House specific treasures, which offer bonuses to members within Corvalius Manor, have been placed in-game.
– Iterative progging improvements.
* The ruins of the Proving Grounds, home to the Lords of Conquest, have been unearthed by the followers of Dolgrael.
* Yora Vale has been discovered in the Brintor Mountains.
* The City of Gogoth has been reworked in its entirety.
* The southern portion of the Sea of Lidraeu has been transformed into an estuary.
* Undersea Lidraeu has been relocated to a more logical location: beneath the Sea of Lidraeu.
* It is now possible for characters to quit in Jaras village, located in Jasa Lake.
* Many of the nefortu fire casters in Kzaya Ha Canyon have had their encounters redesigned, no longer relying on spells like disintegration.