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Here are some of the current happenings and ongoing plots going on in Avendar. You may treat this as in-character “heard through the grapevine” knowledge. We encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved in one of these plots to reach out to relevant PCs or NPCs (notes are great; just be sure to include immortal!) or join a relevant Great House with a role in mind.

Lights in the Sky

Eleven years ago, brilliant white lights in the shape of the constellation Lavetiae appeared in the skies over the Imperial Republic of Daphoa and the continent of Avendar, heralding the fiery destruction of a small island some distance north of Ashta Harrud as well as its small population of red ethron, rendering them extinct save for far-flung diaspora. In addition to creating ongoing shortages of goods such as mango, tobacco, and chocolate, Daphoa has laid claim to the newly-deserted island, the first attempt at expanding its imperial borders in millennia. Known officially as Aehiori, many are calling it New Illata due both to the appearance of Lavetiae and the manner of its destruction, which mirrored the province of Illata’s destruction by the god Alil at the close of the War of Fire. Though the island remains an ashy wasteland for now, bereft of life, many parties are interested in its settlement and the direction of its future.

Unrest in Daphoa

Unease and chaos continues to follow in the wake of the sudden death one decade ago of Lahanet of house Ishtae, a priest in service to Aeolis the Rose King for the past five millennia. Responsible for seeking and vetting Aeolis’s chosen Rose consorts, his death was followed by the withdrawal of Aeolis from His priesthood along with a period of mourning across Daphoa. Keiari, the current Rose consort, has spoken publicly on a number of occasions about the matter and encouraged calm and cooperation over what was assuredly a tragic accident, but rumors of a schism between her and the Rose King abound, as well as rumors that house Lenahiri — with whom the consort is known to be involved — had a hand in his death.

Gaald Renaissance

Following Duke Tanar’s removal of Guardian influence in the city and the installation of the Grand Federation of Merchants as its keepers of law and order, Gaald is undergoing a renaissance, with many local businesses being replaced or updated to appeal to more modern sensibilities. Long the gateway to Avendar from Daphoa, aelin influence in the city has been growing as many of the efforts have been spearheaded by house Lenahiri of Daphoa, though the Thirty-Seven Families of the Great Council of Gaald have responded to these efforts with many of their own in an attempt to ensure Gaald’s fortunes remain in noble hands. Rumors of yet more changes to come abound as opportunistic merchants, investors, and even representatives of Ayaunj flock to the city to claim fortunes and legacies.

Chaja Ascendant

A diplomatic representative of the hidden chaja stronghold of Kashek gand Aldam named Tlakhah has been seen in the cities of Gaald, Kor Thrandir, and Earendam, extending friendly overtures and negotiating on matters of trade. Long isolated from the world, Kashek gand Aldam and strongholds like it are home to free chaja, both lineages that escaped the slavers’ lash as well as refugees from shuddeni and Harrudim lands. With their presence they bring word of the trappings of chaja culture untainted by the shuddeni, including word of two of their three gods: Kyana the Perseverent, Lady of Sorrows, and Elanthe the Bard, Keeper of Fables. Of course, whispers of the third chaja god abound — though they, whatever their nature, is sure to be found in much darker places.

Changing of the Guard

Following a period of upheavals concerning the adventuring members of the Guardians of Law, Iarod Riruna was dispatched by Iandir’s priesthood to the Halls of Law to take over as its keeper of records, promising both better organization of its records as well as renovations of the Hall of Law itself. Though no official changes have taken place of yet, there have been promises of new staff of a more Jalassan bent, proposals to expand the role of adventuring Guardians, and preparations to expand and update the Halls and the services it offers to its members.

Scion of the Dragon

House Lenahiri of Daphoa, long thought to be on the decline, has experienced a resurgence in notoriety as its new head has become known across Avendar and Daphoa as the Son of the Dragon. He and his spouse, a sigiled priest of Alil, have become associated with a number of infamies and unusual and dangerous abilities, including the destruction of the Marble Pegasus of Rystaia and invasion of Her shrine, the murder of Nistaru and the desecration of Rveyelhi’s shrine, the ability to speak the name of the Dragon with no ill effect, and playing host to a growing void drake. Most alarmingly, they are rumored to possess the ability to permanently destroy so-called “immortal divines”: sigiled individuals granted permanent agelessness and deathlessness by their deities. Rumors persist of house Lenahiri’s involvement in the death of Lahanet of house Ishtae during a diplomatic mission to the continent of Avendar, and the house has claimed responsibility for the destruction of a demonic entity known as the Scorpion of the Coven. What the ultimate aims of house Lenahiri are given the extent of their machinations and the sheer variety of their targets remains a mystery to the public at large.