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Hello everyone,

We have created a new official Discord server for Avendar. We regret the inconvenience to the many players that have joined the old server, but the malicious actions of a former staff member forced our hands. No staff member will be present in the old server once we have adequately communicated this news and nothing in that server should be taken as any kind of official statement from the staff of the game going forward. If you wish to read about what lead to this, please read on. If not, please click on the link above!

Some time ago, staff made the unanimous decision to remove Kudrov from staff. This decision was not made lightly, and was made in consideration of both his contributions to the development of the game relative to the harm of his actions, which included: incorporating abuse and sexual assault into an official storyline without the consent of the players involved, discussing private staff-only information with players, inciting players to harass staff, and persistently targeting other staff members and players for disproportionate mechanical and in-character penalties founded in personal, out-of-character grudges. When these issues were raised, he refused to either recuse himself or take any responsibility for what had been done. This is not an individual any staff member was comfortable continuing to work with.

In the months between then and now this has been revisited several times at Kudrov’s request, and each time we again came to the unanimous decision that Kudrov continued and continues to lack remorse or be genuinely contrite for the situation he created and the harm he did to staff and players alike. In the interests of moving on and not wishing to expose more players to the situation than necessary, we did not make an announcement at that time, instead merely taking steps to fully revoke his access and informing him of our decision. Unfortunately, Kudrov had been the person responsible for the initial creation of an official Avendar Discord server, and had not shown an interest in transferring ownership to senior staff; while this was nominally fine while he was still on staff, he continued to refuse to transfer it. Finally, last week, Kudrov attempted to threaten our head developer ninjadyne, saying a debt was owed to him and that he would no longer “play nice.” He then proceeded to ban myself and remove all admin and moderation privileges from other staff members.

We are not sure what he wished to accomplish with these actions. It is true we will lose our custom invite URL as a result of his behavior; that is unfortunate, but as we had taken extensive steps to ensure there was no way Kudrov would be able to access anything staff-related again, that is the only loss. Given what is happening now, we can only be grateful we had the foresight to ensure the security and safety of all game and player data.

Finally, we would like to extend an apology to our players for our lack of transparency in removing this person from staff. We were all very burnt by what happened, but we all know very well that simply ignoring a problem does not make it go away. We promise to do better.

Thank you for playing and for all the wonderful stories you choose to tell with us.