Updates to Great Houses

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Hi folks! We have made a couple of changes to Great House mechanics to make things a bit more fair across the board.

First, some time ago the Champions of Avendar got a new vault guard in the form of Yesal-Xea following the permanent death of Aranthas during the Hero of the Abyss plotline. At the time, we tuned her to be quite powerful to compensate for her being a single NPC encounter, but upon evaluation and watching a number of raids we have decided to make changes to her encounter to bring it in-line with the difficulty of other vault guard encounters.

Secondly, in the interests of promoting more interesting interactions and discouraging metagaming, going forward house guards will send a note to active House members upon being raided. We leave it to players to discover the details, extent, and limitations of these changes.

These changes are already live and ready to enrich your play experience.

Happy raiding 🙂