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One of the most regal of races, the aelin are also one of the oldest. Their noble blood runs deep, and is a considerable source of pride for those who bear it. Status in society is of the utmost importance to aelin, and appearance is always a consideration.

The Aelin appear as delicate humans, usually with long, black hair and curving, pointed ears. With their wings, Aelin have a great ability to move tirelessly, and can travel long distance without rest. Their dexterity allows them to avoid blows most would be hit by, though their agility is not limited to physical matters, but extends to politics, also.

They are known to be evasive when asked about things they either do not know, or wish to keep to themselves. Of all the races in Avendar, they are the most likely to relate their worth to their position in society.

You can view several sample descriptions from past aelin characters.

Aelin Traits
Native LanguageAelin
Special AbilitiesNatural Flight

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