Sample Alatharya Descriptions

This description is for reference only; you should not use it for your character.

Emandore, Barbarian

A tall woman stands here, clad in a motley assortment of things. Her extremely tall stature and pale, silvery skin clearly mark her as an Alatharya, though her grey eyes betray an unusual intelligence for her kind. Her hair is a clean, shiny white, and is bound in a thick braid that hangs to midway down her back. As if chiseled out of rock, her face is angular and hard-edged, and her jaw is almost masculine. A series of scars mark the left side of her face, and a nasty pale line that looks to have been caused by a large blade mars the skin across her neck. She moves with strength, and purpose, but a lack of confidence betrays itself in the hesitancy of her movements.

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