The assassin is a unique blend of caladaran monastic living and deadly skill. Although its roots are as ancient as the great aelin civilization itself, modern assassinry has evolved into a vast racial tapestry. This includes aelin acrobatics, kankoran and srryn physicality, the arduous development of an shuddeni poisons, and Adrajisk's ginta'cham'akan. Due to their vast knowledge and cruel lusts, it is unsurprising that, while not the first to take to the creed, the shuddeni have no less left an indelible mark on the buisness of death.

Assassins are proficient in a variety of weapons, but they are particularly adept in unarmed combat. Focused on both hand and foot, the assassin is well versed in anatomy, able to strike precisely at nerve points or swiftly plant multiple kicks in succession. However, they are not limited to close combat; they are learned in archery, allowing them to strike foes from some distance, and expert with the dart, which they can use even while concealed. Their final, and perhaps deadliest, weapon is their own mind. With it, they can shroud the perception of others, leave ghastly wounds, or bolster their own physical prowess.

The art of death is what binds the brotherhood of the assassin, thus allowing them maximum flexibility in the beliefs to which they adhere. Assassins in general tend to venerate whatever deity suits their ends, often aligning with Arkhural the Darkheart or Calaera the Ishia. However, those of particularly lawful mind are most likely to venerate Jalassa, in whose name the assassin creed has flourished. Yet, no belief may be necessary at all, other than the will to efficiently take lives.

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