The creed of the highwayman is among Avendar's oldest. These brutish robbers often scorn elegance or grace, instead favoring swift brutality and merciless plunder. Although the precise origin of the craft is unknowable, it was certainly humans who made it especially famous. As their race expanded, so too were resources scarce enough to require violent reallocation. The speed of the srryn has left its mark on banditry in general, their swift claws refining the art of robbery to a razor edge. So, too, have the fallen alatharya benefitted greatly from and elaborated upon its methods, making famous its characteristic brawling moves.

Bandits are especially proficient in unarmed combat, excelling at both striking harder and blocking more easily than others. Despite their skill, the bandit disregards the trained acrobatics of the assassin and the quick dagger of the thief. They are well known for their brutal melee attacks and skill with the mace. Of course, the bandit's deadliest tricks happen when others have been beaten into unconsciousness, be it ambushes, ropes, or gags. Even with only rags to his name, a bandit is rarely at a loss while fighting.

Law is a concept that has little meaning to a creed founded upon sudden robbery. In conjunction with their brutish tempers, bandits rarely have a place in civilized society except at its fringes. Bandits have no one deity they call their own and are given to wandering more than settling. This freedom affords them the luxury of taking as they please, from whoever strikes their fleeting fancy.

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