The oldest of Avendar's warrior creeds, the barbarian has been a fixture of the wild since the earliest ages of man. The first of the fallen alatharya shamans were eager to call upon their strength and fury in times of need; the the feral kankoran, the brutal srryn, and young humanity would all seek power through similar means. The terrifying vision of the horde which broke the Republic is never far from cityfolk who encounter the modern barbarian, ensuring that their guilds are never exulted in civilized city-states.

The barbarian's methods are as crude and harsh as the ancient world which shaped him; the axe, the mace, and the wilderness are his steadfast companions. He is most well-known for his mighty hews, which have broken the bodies of adventurer and creature alike. His skill with the mace allow him to shatter bone or daze his foes, striking fear into the hearts of spellcasters who might oppose him. He can create simple, ad-hoc weapons and necessities in forests. Finally, he can feast upon the flesh of the defeated, and craft clothing from their hides.

Barbarians may be of any alignment, but due to their wild, roaming natures, they may never be lawful. Kankoran deities are the primary patrons of those who wish to destroy the cities of men, and thus many barbarians find value in their creeds. Enirra and Dolgrael are often popular amongst humans and alatharya, while srryn are near-universally heed the call of Sythrak. However, barbarians are as diverse and free-natured as the great beasts who roam Avendar's vast wilderness, leading many to serve only their own personal whims.

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