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The world of Avendar is full of all manner of creatures, from the mundane to the magical. Most are creatures from the real world or standard mythology, but some are unique to Avendar. Here is a basic guide to some of the creatures you may encounter in your adventures. Information is provided for creatures which are magical or unique to Avendar.

  • Aquatic - Fish and other creatues which live exclusively in water.
  • Avian - Animals that can fly.
  • Humanoid - Beings with wills and intelligence, human-like in some rudimentary ways.
  • Insect - Small (usually) and ubiquitious natural creatures.
  • Animal - Mammals and other natural creatures that don't fall into the other subcategories.
  • Mythical/Magical - Creatures from other planes of existence, or with magical origins.
  • Reptilian - The various sorts of reptiles.
  • Undead - Dead creatures reanimated through unholy magic.
antelopegazelle, wildebeest-
badgershaggy, twisted, Drynor's-
batblack, cave, giant-
bearbrown, cave, grizzly, mountain-
bjorcha-Bjorcha are thickly furred cow-like beasts domesticated by the kankoran.
catalley, forest, grey, hunting-
crabmica, spidery-
deerbrown, red-
dogblack hound, rabid, wolfhound-
duskin-Sheep-like creatures found on Alensha's high plateau
frogpale, brown-
foxbrown, silver-
goatblack, brown-haired, mountain-
haregray, ice, plains-
horsewild, white-
rabbitbrown, grass-furred, jackrabbit-
ratbrown, white-footed wood, swamprat-
sea lion--
squirreldark, flying, ground-
slaryrrann-A large wolf-like swamp predator
toadblack-spotted, gigantic-
wolfgrey, shaggy, silver-maned, timber-
eelblack, electric, moray, neon-
fishgrey, spotted, stone, white-
hawkfishfalco, longnosed-
jiast'ja-An enormous predatory fish. A jiast'ja is particularly difficult to battle because its of its natural armor of brown plate-like scales.
kinolmi-A salmon-like fish found in the chill waters of the northern rivers and ocean.
musk drain-A dangerous tentacled creature somewhat like an octopus, which propels itself through the water by suction.
octopusblack, giant-
triggerfishclown, black-
batblack, cave, dark, giant, grey-
chickenred, white-
finchwhite, spice-
gull (seagull)black-beaked, grey-
owlwhite, horned-
silju-A brown-feathered swamp bird.
aelin-Winged, proud humanoids. The aelin webpage.
alatharya-Large humanoids with weak wits. The alatharya webpage.
caladaran-Solitary and wise humanoids. The caladaran webpage.
ch'taren-Translucent, good humanoids. The ch'taren webpage.
chaja-Brutal, hairy slaves of the shuddeni. The chaja webpage.
ethron-Small, forest-dwelling humanoids. The ethron webpage.
gianthill, stoneHuge humanoids that are solitary or dwell in crude villages in the Brintor Mountains.
human-The human webpage.
kohli-Winged, cavern-dwelling humanoids. Their society is complex, and they mine and dwell below Mount Enrien.
kankoran-Wolf-like, nomadic humanoids. The kankoran webpage.
nefortu-Small, bat-like humanoids. The nefortu webpage.
ogrefilthy, waterDangerous, evil humanoids with sharpened teeth and massive frames.
shuddeni-Evil, eyeless, and cave-dwelling humanoids. The shuddeni webpage.
srryn-Scaled, swamp-dwelling humanoids. See the srryn webpage for more information.
titan-Giant and goodly, these long-lived beings came to Avendar shortly after its creation and have assisted mortals from time to time. Most titans departed Avendar prior to the sundering, but some remain to guard the evil creatures they've imprisoned over the eons, and to share their lore with worthy mortals.
beetlered, black, scytheLarger and more dangerous versions of the common insect.
chateirasegmented, warriorA deadly many-legged burrower that has a double jaws and a single bulbous eye.
centipedeyellowA giant and deadly underground-dwelling version of the common centipede
dragonflygiant red, giant black, giant blueGiant versions of their common insect kin. Some dragonfly spittle is known to be harmful.
kkhilghworker, warrior, drone, larva, master, highA hive creature that dwells in deep underground colonies and feeds on fungi.
korakk-An odd creature of the deep underground that is of about human height that moves about in a swiveling, spinning motions.
leechgiantA huge and dangerous version of the common leech.
slugcave, giant caveThe giant cave slug has very thick, rubbery hide and deadly acidic slime.
spiderhairy black, phase, waiet, warmSome spiders are giant-sized and very dangerous.
wormcave, pale, thick-
aerial servant-Aerial servants are magically invisible and flying creatures native to the elemental plane of air, but sometimes summoned to the prime material and controlled by powerful air magicians.
clockwork creaturehound, owlNot technically magical, but rather a work of technology advanced far beyond the norm for Avendar, these beasts were made the Clockworker to serve him.
blink dog-Magical creature appearing as a dog with yellowish fur, blink dogs have the ability to teleport at will.
cockatrice-Part snake, part bird, these creatures are rare but rumored to have the power to turn their victims to stone.
demon(various)Minions of the void, demons are creatures of innate evil. They range in power from the common imps to the greatest and most vile demon lords. Scholars of the void are, with sufficient void mastery and knowledge, able to summon and control certain demons.
djinni-Powerful magical beings, the djinn rule the elemental plane of air. They can be sometimes found in the prime material in the midst of powerful windstorms.
dragonamber, blue, emerald, flame, forest, aquamarineDragons are formidable magical creatures, armed with viscious claws and fangs, armored with thick scales, and capable of breathing flame, acid, or other such destructive things on their victims.
drakegraniteThe smaller and lesser kin of dragons, drakes are also armed with claws, fangs, and stone-like scales, but have no deadly breath weapons.
efreetigreater, lesser, kiuA wild sentient spirit of the plane of air.
elementalearth, water, air, fire, lightning, fog, haze, wisp, tideThe easiest of creatures from the elemental planes to summon and control, elementals have a wide variety of shapes, forms, and sizes.
fire salamander-Creatures native to the plane of fire, fire salamanders are more powerful and difficult to control than a common fire elemental.
golemair, ancient, diamond, earth, fire, flesh, granite, nature, spirit, tin, transmogrification, void, waterCreatures that are constructed of various substances, usually into a humanoid form, and then animated and controlled. The greatest of alchemists are capable of creating various kinds of golems.
griffon-Befriended by Titans in the earliest days of Avendar, griffons are innately noble and goodly beasts. They have also served humans as mounts.
ki-rin-Sometimes horned and scaled, these horse-like or ox-like creatures can only dwell in places govered in peace and goodness, and are said to bring good luck.
leviathan-Gargantuan creatures native to the elemental plane of water, leviathans have been known to find their way over to the prime material through the deepest underwater rifts in Avendar's vast oceans.
pegasus-Winged horse-like creatures of innate goodness, pegasi can be found near the greatest strongholds of spirit in Avendar.
shuranormal, greaterShura are evil humanoid creatures associated with the blight on plain of Shargob. They infest the regions of the Qilarn wood that border the plain.
seraph(various)Seraphs are beings of spirit and light that serve the powers of goodness. They vary in strength, and are led by by a convocation of the nine greatest among them. Spirit scholars are, with sufficient mastery of spirit, able to call upon seraphs to avenge their deaths.
solar-A powerful being of spirit and light that dwells in places where both abound. They are able to generate intense amounts of light and energy.
spriteseaSprites are tiny winged humanoids, and are known for their mischevious natures. Each colony of sprites is goverened by a queen.
statuewood, stone, ironIn the tower of Shendaer, the inhabitants are under a terrible curse which has changed them to dangerous statues. Also, enchanters have been able to animate mundane statues which follower the commands of the owner.
stirge-A stirge is a vampiric bat-like beast with leathery wings and a sharp probiscis for a mouth.
sylph-Sylphs are one of the most common inhabitants of the elemental planes of air, and are sometimes commanded to the prime material by air magic.
unicorn-Horse-like creatures with a single horn, they are said to be attracted to purity.
yarilblackCreatures formed of flopping appendages and jagged teeth, yaril are the products of dark shuddeni magic. They are made to guard the caverns of the shuddeni and attack intruders.
yorna-This evil and vampiric creature is said to take the form of a beautiful young woman, in order to lure men away from safety and to their deaths.
alligatoralbino, black, grey-
lizardblack-speckled, crested, flame, gray, horned, red-speckled, rock, sand, steam, theniyith, winged-
serpentmist, sea, swamp, wingedVery large snake-like creatures which lack limbs but may have other appendages, such as fins or wings.
snakebone, brown, grass, pale green, venemous, yellow-
srorsiandomesticated, wildHuge lizard-like creatures sometimes domesticated by the Lskians of the Arid Wastes.
turtlesewer, swamp-
wormseven-headedNot a true insect but rather a reptilian, seven-headed worms are dangerous burrow-dwelling serpent-like creatures with translucent skin.
death knightknight, captainDeath knights are zombie-like reanimations of those who had great combat prowess in life. They retain much more intellect and skill than do most undead.
lich-A being of great magical power who has not died, but rather undergone a ritualistic transformation from life to undeath, thus attaining immortality of a sort. They are able to transform, create and control other undead creatures.
phantomecho, NordathAn undead creature which is transparent and lacks corporeal form, but is able to manipulate objects. Phantoms tend to retain some memory of their lives and often haunt former dwelling places.
skeletoncommon, lordAnimated dead which have lost all their flesh and consist of bones.
wight-A deadly form of undead which has claws, fangs, and a hunger for warm flesh.
yreg-Dangerous undead creatures who appear more like living creatures than most undead.
zombieice, gogothianThe most common undead creature, zombies are relatively mindless reanimations of rotting flesh and murderous violence.

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