Every player character in Avendar attends the School of Heroes as a member of a certain guild, representing their character class. Your character may have spent years studying with a guild before becoming an adventurer, or other circumstances might have set them on this path. Guilds will teach your character the skills you need to survive in play.

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Soldiers, swordsmen, and pit fighters all make up the warrior’s study. Students of war and physical combat, even the mightiest scholar should be wary of a dedicated master of the martial arts.

have dedicated military training, rare amongst adventurers in Avendar. Few leave stable posts in standing armies or mercenary companies to take up this life, but their skills translate easily, and cannot be denied.

study one thing, and one thing alone: the blade. They devote their lives to their swords and take on meditative styles called forms, with which they defend themselves and slay their enemies.

lead lives of ceaseless battle by choice or circumstance. They may have left the arena behind, but their flamboyant combat styles are as crowd-pleasing as they are deadly.


The profession of rogue is populated by the quick-witted and the secretive, who prefer to live by their keen wit and nimble fingers. Rogues come in three different traditional professions.

are masters of the streets, using surprise and agility to take advantage of any opportunity.

covet coin and the wild in equal measure. They wait in ambush on wooded roads and city streets, quick to pummel a passing foe–with their bare fists if necessary.

ply the heartstrings of Avendarians as well as they play their music, using song and dance to influence friends and enemies alike.


Scholars are sages who have devoted their life to the study of the various elemental magics. Their area of specialization is determined early in life, where they choose major and minor spheres of elemental influence.

study the depths to harness the power of the seas. Whether healing the injured or calling down a storm of ice, these scholars travel with sanctified protection.

may be summoners, necromancers, or pact-makers. Treating with the demons of the Void, these scholars use Death’s fell power to increase their own.

unleash the inferno upon Avendar, wielding oft-indiscriminate flames so that all may feel the burn.


Each the spheres of magic has given birth to a templar, a student of the elements, who is also a student of the fighting skills, and combines force of arm with the magical powers of the elements.

wield blade, bow, and spell to befuddle their foes. Artists of escape, they dive into combat with confidence and panache.

wear the protective magic of stone over their very bodies. Imbued with the earth’s might, they harness inertia to deliver crushing blows.

fly in on wings of flame, whipping combatants into a frenzy before hurtling explosive fireballs into the crowd.

purge the world of evil by harnessing spirit magics into offensive tools, attacking the very essence of opponents.

herald darkness and ruin. By imprisoning demons into their very weapons, they risk life and limb to gain ultimate power.

combining both the healing and destructive forms of water magic with sword skills.


Those who choose the profession of naturalist have, through one way or another, associated their fortunes with that of nature’s. While not necessarily defenders of nature, all naturalists are at home there, and use the pecularities of the wild to their advantage.

a terror of combat, a crushing force of unparalleled destruction.

a priest of the moon, of the earth, of the sun, and of life, they draw upon the magical powers inherent in nature

a warrior of the forest, skilled in tracking and in tune with the creatures and plants.


The mentalist profession is for those whose affinity is for the mind. Foregoing the ways of elemental magic, they instead embrace the potential of psionics.

a killer, sometimes silent, sometimes swift and brutal, and always effective at the art of death.

devotees of the mind, dedicated to tapping their own inherent mental power.

keen-eyed bounty hunters, staff-masters, and forgers, wary of friend and foe alike.