“You shall learn to embrace death, lest it embrace you.” – Akaltarath, Assassin Guildmaster of Var Bandor

A killer, sometimes silent, sometimes swift and brutal, the assassin is always effective at the art of death. Assassins are proficient in a variety of weapons, but they are particularly adept in unarmed combat. The art of death is what binds the brotherhood of the assassin, thus allowing them flexibility in the beliefs to which they adhere.


The assassin is a unique blend of caladaran monastic living and deadly skill. Although its roots are as ancient as the great aelin civilization itself, modern assassinry has evolved into a vast racial tapestry. This includes aelin acrobatics, srryn physicality, the arduous development of shuddeni poisons, and Adrajisk’s ginta’cham’akan. Due to their vast knowledge and cruel lusts, it is unsurprising that, while not the first to take to the creed, the shuddeni have no less left an indelible mark on the buisness of death.

Assassins are proficient in a variety of weapons, but they are particularly adept in unarmed combat. Focused on both hand and foot, the assassin is well versed in anatomy, able to strike precisely at nerve points or swiftly plant multiple kicks in succession. However, they are not limited to close combat; they are learned in archery, allowing them to strike foes from some distance, and expert with the dart, which they can use even while concealed. Their final, and perhaps deadliest, weapon is their own mind. With it, they can shroud the perception of others, leave ghastly wounds, or bolster their own physical prowess.

The art of death is what binds the brotherhood of the assassin, thus allowing them maximum flexibility in the beliefs to which they adhere. Assassins in general tend to venerate whatever deity suits their ends, often aligning with Arkhural the Darkheart or Calaera the Ishia. However, those of particularly lawful mind are most likely to venerate Jalassa, in whose name the assassin creed has flourished. Yet, no belief may be necessary at all, other than the will to efficiently take lives.

Class Abilities

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Level 1: Dagger
Syntax: Automatic

Small, bladed weapons, daggers are one of the simplest melee weapons, often
favoured by scholars for this reason, most other professions in Avendar also
receiving training in them. Rogues are more intimately trained in their usage,
learning techniques both flashy and subtle. Typically thrusting or slashing
weapons, due to their length, they are poor at warding off blows though it is
likewise difficult to parry against a dagger. Someone wielding a dagger will
have a harder time getting around a shield, a stone phalanx, or a fighter's

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Sword
Syntax: Automatic

One of the most commonly-produced and commonly-trained weapons in Avendar,
swords are simple to learn the basics of, but may take decades to master. The
only weapon with an entire profession dedicated solely to their usage, in the
hands of most others, swords are a particularly average weapon. Typically
slashing or piercing, they range from slender rapiers to massive two-handed

Primary Attribute: Strength, Dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Whip
Syntax: Automatic

A whip is usually composed of a flexible cord or a chain attached to a handle,
the lash typically dealing slashing damage, though they are often enchanted,
as well. Gladiators and Void templars are the only professions that receive
dedicated training in this weapon, though many others learn the basics of
using this weapon, and they are often used in the off hand. Because of their
flexibility, they are notoriously poor at parrying with, but they are
similarly difficult for opponents to use any defense save dodge or evade
against. The length of this weapon makes it throw off one's parrying if a whip
is offhanded, as well.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Hand to Hand
Syntax: Automatic

The art of fisticuffs is taught by several of Avendar's martial guilds.
Students will hit harder while unarmed than those who are untrained. If
someone who is trained in both fighting unarmed and dual wielding has even a
single free hand, he will use that as an off-hand attack. Having claws, both
srryn and kankoran will do more damage with this skill than other races.

However, this basic training only goes so far, and those who fight without a
weapon in hand will find themselves unable to parry.

Primary Attribute: Strength, Dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Unseen Strike
Duration : Instantaneous                              Cost: 8 Mana
Range    : Single PC or Mob (special)

Syntax: Unseenstrike <target>
        Ignite <arrow>

While hidden, cloaked, or otherwise concealed from their target, an assassin
may attempt to attack them while they are unprepared to defend themselves.
This attack will deal substantially more damage than a normal attack, so long
as the victim is relatively uninjured; if they are significantly hurt, its
bonus damage will be massively reduced.  In addition, should the target be at
full health, if they are lacking armor to protect major portions of their
body, this attack will deal even more damage than it would otherwise by
exploiting their vulnerability.

They might also use this skill to ignite arrows; these will set their targets
on fire when used. This costs an additional 10 mana.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Level 2: Peek
Syntax: Automatic

Peek is an enhancement to the look command. Whenever someone with the skill
looks at a person, an attempt will be made to reveal their inventory and

If one so chooses, one may cease peeking by toggling the autopeek command.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Level 2: Blindfighting
Syntax: Automatic

Those trained in the art of blindfighting will find themselves less hindered
in environments where they are unable to see. Their armor class and melee
defenses will be unaffected, if they are successful, allowing them to defend
with as much proficiency as normal. Possessing this skill also grants the
ability to see in the dark.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity

Level 3: Kick
Duration : Instantaneous                                       Cost: 3 Mana
Range    : Current Enemy

Syntax: Kick

Many guilds teach this basic martial manuver, allowing them to slightly
augment their damage in combat. Bandits receive further training in making
well-placed kicks.

Primary Attribute: Strength, Dexterity

Level 4: Dodge
Syntax: Automatic

Dodge is a melee defense skill focused on the avoidance of blows. It is
particularly difficult to dodge flails and polearms, and easier to dodge
whips. Dodge is the favored defense of rogues, but it is taught in many other
schools as well.

All aelin receive a bonus to this skill.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Level 5: Meditation
Syntax: Automatic

A basic technique for focusing one's thoughts, meditation is a skill taught by
all guilds that their students may recover mana more quickly.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

See also: TRANCE, MANA
Level 6: Obscure Evidence
Syntax: Obscure

Rogues may attempt to hide evidence of their kills, such that word does not
get to any interested factions. However, if a member of the same faction is
present to witness the death, there will be no way to conceal the act from the

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

See also: FACTIONS
Level 7: Pick Lock
Range    : Target Door or Container                            Cost: 3 mana

Syntax: Pick <direction/container>

Rogues may use this skill to break locks they encounter, either on doors or
containers. Some locks, including but not restricted to those warded by runes
of earth, cannot be picked.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Dexterity

Level 8: Dual Wield
Dual wielding is the ability to use an additional weapon in the character's
offhand. Weapons being dual wielded will suffer a slight penalty in the amount
of damage and have a lesser chance of iterative attacks. Weapon weight must be
considered with this skill, as only weapons lighter then the one being wielded
in the main hand are capable of being dual wielded. Swordmasters are exempt
from this restriction, and can dual wield nearly any two swords they can hold.
Certain unwieldy combinations of weapons will be more awkward to defend
oneself with.

Large-sized races, such as the chaja or alatharya, are able to hold certain
kinds of two-handed weapons with one hand, and dual wield them. The balance of
spears, staves, and polearms are such that this is not possible for these

The ambidextrous trait, available upon creation and given to gladiators and
swordmasters automatically, reduces but does not remove the weight
restrictions (though swordmasters have none in either case).

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Level 9: Enhanced Damage
Syntax: Automatic

Most of the non-scholarly guilds offer their students training in heightening
the force of their blows. A higher skill will see better results at these
techniques, as will a better weapon.

Primary Attribute: Strength

Level 11: Blinding Dust
Duration : 1.5-2 Hours                                Cost: 15 Mana
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Blinding <target>

This skill is used to blind a foe by throwing a small cloud of dust into their
eyes. Because of the nature of the blindness, it cannot be cured by normal

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Level 12: Trip
Syntax: Trip <Target>

The trip command attempts to bring an opponent down by knocking their
feet from under them. Tripping is most successfully practiced by the
quick and nimble, and fails on opponents who are flying or otherwise
not tied to the ground. Trip can either be used to start a fight, or
in combat, where the argument is optional.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Level 12: Evade
Syntax: Automatic

Assassins are highly trained in manuvers both dextrous and stealthy, and evade
typifies both qualities. Highly skilled at deft acrobatic manuvers, they may
evade both attacks and bashes. It is particularly easy to evade whips, though
it is harder to evade in general with a boneshattered leg.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Level 13: Fast Healing
Syntax: Automatic

Fast healing is a skill taught by most guilds, that their students might apply
their knowledge to quicker recovery of bodily injuries, increasing the rate at
which they gain hit points.

Primary Attribute: Constitution

See also: HIT POINTS
Level 14: Envenom
Duration : Variable                                          Cost: 12 Mana
Range    : Single Inventory Weapon

Syntax: Envenom <target weapon/arrow> <poison>

The most basic of poisoning skills taught to assassins, envenom may be used to
poison a weapon carried by the assassin, so long as that item is not an
instrument of blunt force or imbued with certain rare magical effects (such as
being innately poisonous). The poison will wear off once the poison has been
delivered to its target. This skill may indeed be used upon arrows.

The poisons used by this skill are those created in advance via the prepare
skill and no others. In general, there is a lessened chance of delivering the
effect of a poison via envenom.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Dexterity

Level 14: Prepare
Duration : See text                                          Cost: 12 Mana
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Prepare <# of vials of catalyst> <type of poison>

In order to use darts, envenom weapons, or to taint food or water, a
specialized vial of poison is required. Preparing these vials of poison
requires the use of a catalyst, which will effect the duration of the taint,
venom, or the dart (the more catalyst used, the more powerful the poison).
Catalyst can typically be purchased by the vial from one's guildmaster. There
is no limit beyond the assassin's budget to how many vials of catalyst may be

Please see help ASSASSIN POISONS for a complete list of poisons available to

The detoxify skill and certain capabilities of Nightfall magi provide a
resistance to these poisons, and assassins themselves carry immunity to their
own works.

Primary Attribute: intelligence

Level 16: Second Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a second attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: dexterity, strength

See also: DUAL WIELD
Level 17: Muffle
Duration : Instantaneous
Range    : See Text

Syntax: Muffle <Target PC or mob> <Command>
Special: Also automatic

Assassins may attempt to prevent the victim of an assault from crying out.
This will work on any offensive command-- simply prefix it with the muffle
syntax. For example:

Muffle Jolinn nerve Jolinn

This will attempt to muffle Jolinn's cries at the nerve attempt.

This skill obviously is purposeless against a target who has set their noyell
toggle to on.

In addition, an assassin will also attempt to muffle the death cry of his

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 19: Haggle
Syntax: Automatic

A basic mercantile skill used to get a better price on items from merchants,
haggling is a skill that is widely taught but a talent applied with the most
success by the charismatic.

Primary Attribute: charisma
Level 19: Archery
Range    : Target PC or mob within range

Syntax   : Nock <arrow>
           Shoot <target> <optional direction>
In Combat: Shoot <arrow>

Archery is a ranged weapon skill, functioning similarly to melee weapons.  To
use archery, a character must first nock an arrow, and then fire it with the
shoot command.  Arrows may be purchased throughout Avendar, or created by
rangers using wildcraft.  The distance an arrow can be fired is determined by
the range modifier on both the bow and arrow being used. Archery finds the
closest possible target that matches the argument you supply; it searches
for a matching target in your current room before any direction you supply.

Arrows can be imbued with magic spells or secondary effects, which take effect
when the arrow hits its target.  Additionally, arrows may be branded with
elemental spells, such as lightning brand, in the same way a melee weapon can.

If used in combat, one specifies the arrow one is using; it is not possible
to fire at targets in other rooms while fighting. One may draw directly from a

Primary Attribute: dexterity

Level 21: Taint
Duration : Variable                                          Cost: 12 mana
Range    : Target Food Item

Syntax: Taint <item> <poison type>

This skill may be used to dose an item of food with a previously prepared
poison. When someone ingests this food, the poison will take effect. This is
typically the most effective vehicle of poison delivery.

Primary Attributes: intelligence, dexterity

Level 21: Plant
Range    : Single PC or mob                                    Cost: 6 mana

Syntax: Plant <object> <target> <optional container>

Plant attempts to surreptitiously give an object to another character. You
cannot plant an object you could not ordinarily give someone (such as items
that cannot be dropped, or if the target can carry no more weight). It is
possible to plant items into containers carried or worn by the target, though
it is harder to plant into worn containers.

Primary Attribute: dexterity

See also: PEEK, STEAL
Level 22: Trance
Syntax: Automatic

A further refinement upon the more widely taught basic technique of
meditation, trance is taught by the spellworking guilds and those focused on
more meditative studies, in order to better recover their mana.

Primary Attribute: intelligence, wisdom

See also: MEDITATION, mana
Level 23: Blinding Cloud
Duration : 1 Hour                                Cost: 30 mana
Range    : User's current room

Syntax: Blindingcloud

A less focused form of the blinding dust skill, an assassin may throw enough
of that dust to form a localized cloud, attempting to blind all people in the
room who are not a member of his group. This skill is somewhat more effective
indoors than out.

Primary Attribute: dexterity

Level 24: Snap Kick
Syntax: Automatic

Relatively well-trained in the martial arts, assassins knowing the snap kick
skill will firstly deal more damage when kicking, and will immediately attempt
a second kick after the first.

Primary Attribute: dexterity

See also: KICK
Level 26: Dart
Duration : Instantaneous                              Cost: 12 mana
Range    : Target PC or mob

Syntax: Dart <target> <optional direction>

Once they have crafted a poisoned dart, assassins may then throw it at a
target to attempt to poison them. The dart may be tossed at a victim in the
assassin's current room, or it can be tossed at a victim one room away, by
specifying the direction.

This skill is also used to craft darts; see that helpfile for directions on

Primary Attribute: dexterity

Level 27: Retreat
Duration : Instantaneous
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Retreat <direction>

With this skill, a watcher or thief may attempt to flee from combat in a
specified direction.

Primary Attribute: intelligence, dexterity
Level 28: Nerve
Duration : At least 3 hours                           Cost: 8 mana
Range    : Single PC or mob

Syntax: Nerve <target>

Skilled students of anatomy, assassins may attempt to find their target's
pressure points and take advantage of them, causing the target to drop their
weapon and/or shield to the ground, and additionally dealing a penalty to both
strength and dexterity.

Primary Attribute: dexterity

See also: DISARM
Level 39: Disguise
Duration : Level/4 Hours                                     Cost: 20 mana
Range    : Single mobile

Syntax: Disguise <Target>

An assassin may attempt to diguise himself as a mobile. The disguise will
remain effective either until the duration expires, or until the assassin
becomes embroiled in a fight. The target must be either of the same race as
the assassin or human. Typing 'disguise' without an argument will remove an
existing disguise.

Primary Attributes: intelligence, wisdom
Level 32: Vital Strike
Duration : 2.5 Hours                                  Cost: 8 mana
Range    : Single PC or mob

Syntax: Vital <target>

An assassin may attempt to make a precise strike at their opponent's vital
organs. Each such wound inflicts little damage on its own, but, each strike
causes the victim to feel slightly more lag on every command he inputs, for
the duration of the wound. This effect is maximized after three such strikes.

Primary Attribute: intelligence, dexterity

See also: LAG
Level 37: Garrote
Duration : 1.5 Hours                                  Cost: 25 mana
Range    : Single PC

Syntax: Garrote <target>

Assassins are able to sneak up on victims who are unable to see them, and slip
a garrote wire around their neck. They will then attempt to hold their victim
in this garrote for the next three ticks, draining their mana each tick; if
they can hold the garrote for the full duration, the victim will die. The
victim will make one attempt per round to free themself from the garrote;
this is automatic.

This skill is useless against a person affected by diamond skin. Wariness,
sense danger, and the streetwise traits all offer varying degrees of
protection against garrotes. Stronger and more dextrous characters are more
likely to break free. If the assassin uses any command other than 'say', the
garrote will slip, and the victim will go free.

Should the victim manage to break free for any reason, they will be unable to
speak for the next hour.

Contrary to popular mythology, inputting additional commands while garroted
creates no additional chances to break free. Furthermore, the strength and
dexterity of the assassin are not relevant to the skill; srryn are no more
skilled at garroting than nefortu.

Primary Attribute: dexterity


Level 10: Mindshield
                                                      Cost Per Tick: 5 mana
Range    : Special                                    Slots: 1

Syntax: Focus 'Mindshield' <target>

With this ability, a psionicist may form a protective shield around his
target's mind, providing a bonus to their ability to resist mental attacks,
magical fear effects, delusions, obfuscation, visions, and allowing them to
forcibly remove cloaks and beguilements. Assassins and watchers may only
shield their own minds.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

See also: CLOAK
Level 10: Acuity
                                                      Cost Per Tick: 5 mana
Range    : Self only                                  Slots: 1

Syntax: Focus 'Acuity'

While maintaining this ability, an assassin will be able to scan further, and
detect both the invisible and things that are hidden from view. It is not
effective against camouflage.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

Level 25: Celerity
                                                     Cost Per Tick: 10 mana
Range    : Self only                                 Slots: 1

Syntax: Focus 'Celerity'

While maintaining this ability, an assassin will move with great ease over any
terrain. While not a form of flight, someone moving with celerity will be much
harder to trip. While maintaining this focus, an assassin will also attempt a
third attack each round.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

Level 15: Shadow Fist
                                                     Cost Per Tick: 10 Mana
Range    : Self only                                 Slots: 1

Syntax: Focus 'Shadow Fist'

While maintaining this ability, all unarmed attacks made by the assassin will
be treated as dealing direct illusion damage. This includes kicks and snap
kicks, but does not include attacks made while wearing glove weapons. They
will also gain a bonus to their hitroll.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

Level 30: Seeping Wounds
                                                     Cost Per Tick: 25 Mana
Range    : Self Only                                 Slots: 1

Syntax: Focus 'Seeping Wounds'

When an assassin maintains this focus, they gain the ability to leave lasting
injuries on their opponents with their attacks.  This applies to arrows they
may fire, melee attacks they may perform, or special combat skills such as
kick or vital strike.  The type of damage dealt does not affect one's ability
to produce these wounds, and the amount of bleeding damage caused increases as
the victim incurs more of them.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Dexterity
Level 20: Beguile
                                                     Cost Per Tick: 15 Mana
Range    : Any PC or Mob                             Slots: 1

Syntax: Focus 'Beguile' <target>

An assassin activates this focus by choosing a target they can see (anywhere
in the world). Once this focus is in place, the assassin will be prepared to
beguile the target into missing melee attacks.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom

See also: DODGE, EVADE
Level 35: Prowess
                                                     Cost Per Tick: 25 mana
Range    : Single PC or Mob                          Slots: 1

Syntax: Focus 'Prowess' <target>

This psychometabolic ability allows a psionicist to enhance their target's
combat ability, granting a bonus to their hitroll, and increasing the amount
of damage dealt by each successful blow in combat. This ability is less
effective on targets who possess the enhanced damage skill. Assassins may only
use this focus on themselves.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity

Level 40: Cloak
                                                     Cost Per Tick: 50 mana
Range    : Single Connected PC                       Slots: 2

Syntax: Cloak <Target>

While maintaining this focus, the assassin completely shrouds himself from his
victim's senses. The cloak will remain in place until the assassin engages in
combat by any means, or dispelled by clarity, mindshield, or other means of
disrupting psionic focus.

This focus cannot be maintained while the assassin feels any of the effects of

Primary Attributes: Wisdom
Level 45: Vanish
Duration : Instantaneous                                     Cost: 80 mana
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Focus 'Vanish'

With this focus, an assassin may blur the perceptions of anyone around them
and use the confusion to make a quick getaway. Vanish takes the assassin
quickly to a random location in their current area, and may also be used to
escape from a combat situation.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity

See also: BLINK

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