“If yeh got any questions about crushin’ heads, jest ask me.” – Thane Brondir, Barbarian Guildmaster of Var Bandor

A terror in combat, the barbarian is a crushing force of unparalleled destruction. The barbarian’s methods are as crude and harsh as the ancient world which shaped them; the axe, the mace, and the wilderness are their steadfast companions. Barbarians may be of any alignment, but due to their wild, roaming natures, they may never be lawful.


The oldest of Avendar’s naturalist creeds, the barbarian has been a fixture of the wild since the earliest ages of man. The first of the fallen alatharya shamans were eager to call upon their strength and fury in times of need; the brutal srryn, and young humanity would all seek power through similar means. The terrifying vision of the horde which broke the Republic is never far from cityfolk who encounter the modern barbarian, ensuring that their guilds are never exulted in civilized city-states.

The barbarian’s methods are as crude and harsh as the ancient world which shaped him; the axe, the mace, and the wilderness are his steadfast companions. He is most well-known for his mighty hews, which have broken the bodies of adventurer and creature alike. His skill with the mace allow him to shatter bone or daze his foes, striking fear into the hearts of spellcasters who might oppose him. He can create simple, ad-hoc weapons and necessities in forests. Finally, he can feast upon the flesh of the defeated, and craft clothing from their hides.

Barbarians may be of any alignment, but due to their wild, roaming natures, they may never be lawful. Enirra and Dolgrael are often popular amongst humans and alatharya, while srryn are near-universally heed the call of Sythrak. However, barbarians are as diverse and free-natured as the great beasts who roam Avendar’s vast wilderness, leading many to serve only their own personal whims.

Class Abilities

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Skills (levels 1-16)

Level 1: Axe
Syntax: Automatic

Bladed weapons with a typically short haft, axes are most often favoured by
barbarians, who enjoy their lack of subtlety and learn specific techniques for
them. Axes may be found in many sizes, for both one and two-handed use. They
typically deal slashing damage, and they are characteristically poor at
fending off blows, due to their balance and lack of finesse. The weighty
swings often required by axes make it suited against both shield blocking and
deflection, but much easier for opponents to fend off or stone phalanx.

Primary Attribute: strength

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Flail
Syntax: Automatic

A flail is a weight attached by a chain or hinge to a handle, designed to
penetrate armor through blunt or piercing force, though they are often used
interchangably with the less flexible maces. Only gladiators recieve extensive
training in the usage of flails, but other professions are taught the basics.
Because of their flexibility and the somewhat awkward movements to wield them,
they are not terribly suited to defend with, and will make it more difficult
to parry when they are offhanded. Flails are particularly effective against
foes who are dodging, deflecting, or shield blocking.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Mace
Syntax: Automatic

While some may feature ornamentation or spikes, maces are at their heart a
very simple weapon: a short length of metal or wood, typically used as a means
of blunt force. For this reason, they are often favoured by scholars and
templars of the earth, as well as barbarians, though several guilds train in
the usage of this weapon. Due to the length and balance of these weapons,
maces do not parry blows very well, and if offhanded will hurt one's main-hand
parrying. Maces will get around both shields and watchers' deflection
relatively easily.

Primary Attribute: strength

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Sword
Syntax: Automatic

One of the most commonly-produced and commonly-trained weapons in Avendar,
swords are simple to learn the basics of, but may take decades to master. The
only weapon with an entire profession dedicated solely to their usage, in the
hands of most others, swords are a particularly average weapon. Typically
slashing or piercing, they range from slender rapiers to massive two-handed

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Dodge
Syntax: Automatic

Dodge is a melee defense skill focused on the avoidance of blows. It is
particularly difficult to dodge flails and polearms, and easier to dodge
whips. Dodge is the favored defense of rogues, but it is taught in many other
schools as well.

All aelin receive a bonus to this skill.

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 1: Hand to Hand
Syntax: Automatic

The art of fisticuffs is taught by several of Avendar's martial guilds.
Students will hit harder while unarmed than those who are untrained. If
someone who is trained in both fighting unarmed and dual wielding has even a
single free hand, he will use that as an off-hand attack. Having claws, both
srryn and kankoran will do more damage with this skill than other races.

However, this basic training only goes so far, and those who fight without a
weapon in hand will find themselves unable to parry.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 2: Enhanced Damage
Syntax: Automatic

Most of the non-scholarly guilds offer their students training in heightening
the force of their blows. A higher skill will see better results at these
techniques, as will a better weapon.

Primary Attribute: strength

Level 3: Second Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a second attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: dexterity, strength

See also: DUAL WIELD
Level 4: Shield Block
Syntax: Automatic

Shield block is the art of using a shield to ward off blows in melee. This
skill is primarily effective against daggers, and least effective against
whips, flails, maces, and axes. Shield block is the favoured defense
of of water and Void templars and most fighters, though other schools teach
the skill as well.

It's much harder to shield block after an arm has been boneshattered.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity
Level 5: Night Vision
Duration : Level/2 Hours

Syntax: Night Vision

This skill allows the user to see in the dark without benefit of a light
source, though this skill cannot pierce magical darkness of any sort.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 5: Lunge
Duration : Instantaneous                                       Cost: 5 mana
Range    : Single PC or mob

Syntax: Lunge <target>

Many adventurers are able to make a highly accurate lunge at an enemy, dealing
damage with their main-hand weapon. Being struck by this skill leaves that
target open to attack, and causes them to incur a penalty to their armor class
for a brief period.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: armor class
Level 6: Dirt Kicking
Duration : 0.5 Hours                                           Cost: 5 mana
Range    : Single PC or mob

Syntax: Dirt <target>

This skill attempts to temporarily blind a person by kicking dirt in their
eyes. This skill cannot be used on or underwater, or in the air.

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 6: Fast Healing
Syntax: Automatic

Fast healing is a skill taught by most guilds, that their students might apply
their knowledge to quicker recovery of bodily injuries, increasing the rate at
which they gain hit points.

Primary Attribute: constitution

See also: hit points
Level 7: Forage
Syntax: Forage                                         Minimum Cost: 5 move

Skilled at living off the land, all naturalists learn early on how to forage
the wilds for food, finding some often delicious snacks. Different terrains
will produce different results, though there is little edible that can be
found underground or in the air.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 7: Find Water
Duration : (4+Level)/2 hours                          Minimum Cost: 10 mana

Syntax: Findwater

Naturalists are skilled at living off the land, and may use this water to find
groundwater, bringing it up in a small spring. This skill will not work in any
place where the ground has been paved over, and in the air. This skill is also
obviously of little use on or under water.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 8: Savagery
Duration : Level/8 Hours                                    Cost: 12 mana
Range    : User Only 
Syntax: Savagery 
Barbarian warriors are known for their ferocity in battle and ability to 
withstand physical blows. With the savagery skill, they are able to strike 
with much greater ferocity than before, and at the same time entirely shrug 
off some blows directed at them. They are more likely to shrug off attacks 
that would have dealt physical damage than magical, though it is still 
entirely possible to so disregard magical attacks. 
Primary Attribute: constitution 
See also: hitroll, damroll
Level 9: Grip
Duration : Level/10 Hours                             Minimum Cost:  3 mana
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Grip

Many combatants learn to grip tightly onto their weapons, providing them a
significant defense against being disarmed, being stripped, or affected by the
magnetic grasp spell. Due to their intimate awareness of the strip skill,
gladiators have a heightened defense against it.

Primary Attribute: strength
Level 10: Third Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a second attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: dexterity, strength

See also: DUAL WIELD
Level 11: Swim
Syntax: Automatic 
Rangers and barbarians learn to swim early on, obviating the need for a boat. 
Greater facility with this skill will make travel on water easier, reducing 
the movement cost it takes to move; poor swimmers will consume additional 
movement points. 
Primary Attributes: strength, constitution
Level 12: Bash
Duration : Instantaneous                                       Cost: 6 mana
Range    : Target PC or mob

Syntax: Bash <target>

A commonly taught method of preventing an enemy's action, a bash is an
inelegant attempt to simply ram into another person. If successful, the target
will fall to the ground and be lagged briefly. Because it is so commonly
taught, there are many methods of preventing or discouraging this skill,
though perfect protection is few and far between. It is not ordinarily
possible to bash someone underwater.

Primary Attribute: strength

See also: LAG
Level 13: Endurance
Syntax: Automatic

Despite their vast diversity of training between the ranger, fighter,
barbarian, and watcher classes, all of them are used to bouts of hard or
speedy travel.  With the endurance skill, the user will have a heightened
regeneration rate of movement points.  

For the trait, please see help ENDURANCE-TRAIT.

Primary Attribute: constitution
Level 14: Wildcraft
Duration : Permanent                                    Cost: 10 mana
                                                        Reuse Delay: Varies

Syntax: Wildcraft <item>

Further enhancing their ability to live off the land, naturalists may craft a
variety of objects while in the wild. As they gain in level, weapons they
produce will be more powerful. Nets may be crafted in the woods, grasslands,
or swamps, while all the others may only be created in the woods.

Each individual class learns a different variety of tools; barbarians would
gain little from crafting arrows, and only druids know the means of crafting
totems, as an inexhaustive example. One may receive a list of craftable items
by typing 'wildcraft' without argument.

Hand-crafted arrows may be banded with varying colours. Hafts created by
druids may be shaped with the shape timber spell.

Primary Attribute: dexterity

Level 14: Cook
Duration : Instantaneous 
Range    : Target corpse in room 
Syntax: Cook <corpse> 
In the presence of a campfire, a ranger or a barbarian may carve up any corpse 
in the room into chunks and prepare the meat over the fire into delicious 
morsels. Larger corpses and greater facility at cooking will produce more 
chunks, and higher skill levels will create more filling food. Undead or 
otherwise inedible corpses will produce poisonous food. 
Primary Attribute: wisdom, dexterity
Level 15: Disarm
Duration : Instantaneous
Range    : Current Weapon-Wielding Opponent

Syntax: Disarm

Combat-oriented classes can use this skill to knock a weapon from their foe's
hands. Two-handed weapons are more difficult to disarm, while certain other
weapons such as whips and flails are easier to use to disarm others.

Most weapons will fall to the ground when disarmed, though those that bear the
nodrop or inventory flags remain in the character's inventory. Items with the
noremove and nodisarm flags cannot be disarmed with this skill. mobiles who
are able to see at the time they are disarmed will immediately pick up their

This skill must be used while already in combat, and only against the person
the user is currently fighting.

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 16: Ram

Skills (levels 17-40)

Level 17: Fourth Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a fourth attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Level 18: Warcry
Duration : 3 Hours                                    Minimum Cost: 10 mana 
Range    : User's Current Opponents 
Syntax: Warcry 
Most barbarians have a bloodcurdling warcry, used to instill powerful, primal 
fear in their opponents. Upon using this skill, he will shout out his warcry, 
healing himself and causing all enemies currently fighting him to lose all 
their attacks in the next round of combat. Additionally, they will be lagged 
for that round. 
Primary Attribute: Charisma 
Level 19: Fury
Syntax: Automatic
While a scholar with this skill is affected by the frenzy spell, they will
receive damage reduction (comparable to that enjoyed inherently by most races)
against all sources of damage besides fire and cold. Additionally, this
ensures that self-incurred damage, such as via Baptism of Fire, will
always affect the caster.
Primary Attribute: Strength, Constitution
Level 20: Bloodlust
Syntax: Automatic

After a barbarian or gladiator has slain an opponent, the bloodlust skill
allows him to become energized by the death of his enemy, using his body's own
adrenaline to help him recover from some of his wounds.

Primary Attribute: Constitution
Level 21: Grapple
Duration : 1 Hour 
Range    : Current opponent 
Syntax: Grapple 
A barbarian may attempt to close the gap with his opponent and grapple with 
his foe, attempting to pin him. It is more difficult to grapple with those who 
are affected by astral form. If successful, the stress of the grapple will 
penalize the target's dexterity and strength for the duration. Additional 
attempts may disrupt any songs the victim is playing, or prevent them from 
beginning new ones. Due to the nature of grappling with someone, it may only 
be attempted on solid ground. 
Primary Attribute: Strength, Dexterity 
Level 22: Rage
Duration : 4 Hours                                    Minimum Cost: 10 Mana
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Rage

Similar to but less extreme than the ability to berserk, a barbarian can give
himself over to his rage, focusing single mindedly on the battle at hand.
While so enraged, he will deal a substantial amount more damage in combat, but
be unable to flee.

Primary Attribute: Constitution
Level 23: Warpath
Duration : 2 Hours                                    Minimum Cost: Special 
Range    : PC in Current Area 
Syntax: Warpath <target> 
Barbarians are noted for being able to go on the warpath for an unfortunate 
victim. While so focused on that person, the user will immediately engage in 
combat with the object of his hunt when next he encounters him. The barbarian 
will not stop until either the skill expires or the victim is dead. 
This skill costs 10 mana per tick, and an additional mana point for every room 
traversed while on the warpath. It costs 10 to initiate this skill. 
Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 24: Rend
Duration : Automatic 
Known for their mighty blows, barbarians wielding two-handed weapon will be 
able to attempt an additional attack beyond what they ordinarily would be 
capable of. If the weapon is not naturally two-handed, this is subject to all 
the same benefits and penalties of wielding a weapon in this unintended 
Primary Attribute: Dexterity 
Level 25: Bludgeon
Duration : Instantaneous                             Weapon : Mace 
Range    : Single PC or Mob                          Cost   : 10 Mana
Syntax: Bludgeon <target> 
When a barbarian wields a mace, he has the opportunity to make use of the 
weapon's crushing power. Delivering a powerful overhand smash, this skill 
deals a substantial amount of damage and may lag the target or disrupt their 
attempts to initiate psionic foci or spells. This skill does more damage when  
the mace in question is held with both hands. 
Primary Attribute: Strength
Level 26: Tan
Level 27: Fortitude
Duration : 6 Hours                                    Minimum Cost: 15 Move 
Syntax: Fortitude 
Barbarians are able to turn their notorious endurance to force their own 
bodies to ignore certain pains. While this skill is active, the user will have 
a chance to disregard statistic penalties that are inflicted for the duration. 
If he is in a state or rage or berserk, the chance increases sharply. 
Primary Attribute: Constitution
Level 28: Blood Sigil
Duration : Level/4 Hours                                    Cost: 5 Mana 
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Bloodsigil

With this skill, a barbarian may cut themself for a miniscule amount of damage
and use the blood from the wound to draw an elaborate sigil upon themself.
This will help them to ward off magical effects, giving a bonus to saves.

Primary Attribute: Constitution

See also: SAVES
Level 29: Last Word
Duration : Automatic 
A barbarian with this skill has a chance to deliver a final attack against his 
killer. Should this blow kill the victim, it is the barbarian who will 
survive, albeit barely. 
Characters seeking to improve at this skill will need to fight in a state 
close to death. 
Primary Attribute: Constitution
Level 30: Hew
Level 32: Meditation
Syntax: Automatic

A basic technique for focusing one's thoughts, meditation is a skill taught by
all guilds that their students may recover mana more quickly.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

See also: TRANCE, MANA
Level 34: Ferocity
Duration : Automatic 
Barbarians are so able to focus on their target that little will be able to 
impede them. With the ferocity skill, should the barbarian's opponent in 
battle be rescued or cower away from the front lines, the barbarian has a 
chance to remain focused on the at opponent, ignoring the rescuer or cower-ee. 
Even city guards or bouncers have a chance to fail to interpose themselves. 
However, this skill can do little against the dedicated attention of a fighter 
covering an ally. 
Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity 
Level 36: Boneshatter
Duration : 4 hours                                   Weapon : Mace/Flail
Range    : Single PC or Mob, Their Arm or Leg        Cost   : 5 Mana
Syntax: Boneshatter <target> <arm/leg> 
The great strength and primitive savagery of the barbarians has lead them to 
this particularly brutal technique. Smashing a mace or a flail into their 
foe's limbs, they may attempt to outright break either his arm or leg. 
A broken arm will cause both a strength and dexterity penalty, and render the 
target unable to dual wield until it heals; they will also have a much harder 
time shield blocking. A broken leg penalizes dexterity, increases movement 
costs, hinders dodging, evading, and tumbling, and deals damage with every 
step the victim takes. When neither the arm or leg is specified, this skill 
will default to the arm. This skill may be used with a dual wielded weapon, 
but this skill will always do less damage when the weapon is held in only one 
Primary Attribute: Strength 
Level 38: Brutal Damage
Syntax: Automatic

Barbarians are trained to wield their weapons with such strength and ferocity
that they are able to inflict damage beyond the ordinary enhanced damage.
While not as effective by itself as enhanced damage, because the two skills
work in conjunction, the overal effects are highly pronounced.

Primary Attribute: Strength

Level 40: Berserk
Duration : Level/16 Hours                             Minimum Cost: 25 mana
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Berserk

Barbarians have the ability to drive themselves into a mindless frenzy, a
state known as berserking. It is easier to do so while already hurt or
fighting. This ability provides a significant bonus to both the user's hitroll
and damroll, and penalizes his armour class. While anyone in a berserker rage
is unable to clearly identify how wounded he is, his hit points may go into
the negative while in this state.

Primary Attribute: Strength, Constitution

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