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Level 1: Hand to Hand
Syntax: Automatic

The art of fisticuffs is taught by several of Avendar's martial guilds.
Students will hit harder while unarmed than those who are untrained. If
someone who is trained in both fighting unarmed and dual wielding has even a
single free hand, he will use that as an off-hand attack. Having claws, both
srryn and kankoran will do more damage with this skill than other races.

However, this basic training only goes so far, and those who fight without a
weapon in hand will find themselves unable to parry.

Primary Attribute: Strength, Dexterity

See also: PARRY


Level 10: Mind's Eye
Syntax: Automatic

Those trained in the clarifying arts may expand the power of the purify
spell to cleanse the mind as well as body.  So empowered, the spell will wash
away the effects of visions, obfuscations, delusions, unnatural fears and
nightmares, beguilement, and mental cloaks. This training furthermore
enchances the diagnose skill, enabling the mage to identify these selfsame

Primary Attribute: Wisdom


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