“Discovering a path to Firiel, the tree of life, is part of our clan’s origin.” – Eliqali, matron of the Qali clan of ethron

A priest of the moon, of the earth, of the sun, and of life, druids draw upon the elemental powers inherent in nature. Unlike the arcanist, who acts as a conduit or cipher for the powers of his sphere, a druid borrows from the natural world that which is in abundance. All alignments and ethoi are available to druids, allowing them to put their minds to whatever they wish.


The oldest of Avendarian spellcasters, the druid embodies attunement to the primal world in all of its facets. The ethron were the first to compose druidic orders, charged as they were by Elar the All-Mother to defend Her creation. In time, other races would place their own subtle marks on the ancient ethron ways: the humans brought their affinity for the moons and other celestial bodies, and the caladaran brought their skill in bodily transmutation. While the heart of the druid will forever be ethron, the inclusion of other races within its secretive ranks has made the class both more dangerous and more versatile.

The druid is the only primary caster who learns to fight unarmed, and similarly, requires no weapon to defend herself; what method she chooses in battle belongs to her whim alone. However, she may only ever use one weapon at a time, which has lent many druids to carry a staff, or other larger wooden arms. Melee combat is available to the druid, as she can take on the shape of various creatures to aid her combat prowess, but it is not necessarily her forte. Instead, she draws her most potent powers from the world around her. Unlike the arcanist, who acts as a conduit or cipher for the powers of his sphere, a druid borrows from the natural world that which is in abundance. This gives her a surprising degree of flexibility without tethering her to the restrictions of a scholar’s lifestyle.

All alignments and ethoi are available to the druid, allowing her to put her mind to whatever she wishes. Many druids favor Elar, the primary goddess from which the druidic art was born; yet, they do not shy away from other deities, particularly those who are in some way associated with nature, such as Lilune or Sitheus. Much like their cousin, the ranger, druids may also eschew religion entirely, holding nature itself to be an ideal worth venerating. Ultimately, the druid sees herself as a part of a much larger continuum of life, and is never without the shelter of the wild.

Class Abilities

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Level 1: Dagger
Syntax: Automatic

Small, bladed weapons, daggers are one of the simplest melee weapons, often
favoured by scholars for this reason, most other professions in Avendar also
receiving training in them. Rogues are more intimately trained in their usage,
learning techniques both flashy and subtle. Typically thrusting or slashing
weapons, due to their length, they are poor at warding off blows though it is
likewise difficult to parry against a dagger. Someone wielding a dagger will
have a harder time getting around a shield, a stone phalanx, or a fighter's

Primary Attribute: dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Flail
Syntax: Automatic

A flail is a weight attached by a chain or hinge to a handle, designed to
penetrate armor through blunt or piercing force, though they are often used
interchangably with the less flexible maces. Only gladiators recieve extensive
training in the usage of flails, but other professions are taught the basics.
Because of their flexibility and the somewhat awkward movements to wield them,
they are not terribly suited to defend with, and will make it more difficult
to parry when they are offhanded. Flails are particularly effective against
foes who are dodging, deflecting, or shield blocking.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Mace
Syntax: Automatic

While some may feature ornamentation or spikes, maces are at their heart a
very simple weapon: a short length of metal or wood, typically used as a means
of blunt force. For this reason, they are often favoured by scholars and
templars of the earth, as well as barbarians, though several guilds train in
the usage of this weapon. Due to the length and balance of these weapons,
maces do not parry blows very well, and if offhanded will hurt one's main-hand
parrying. Maces will get around both shields and watchers' deflection
relatively easily.

Primary Attribute: strength

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Spear
Syntax: Automatic

A long shaft with a sharpened tip, spears are typically piercing weapons.
They can be found both as slender javelins requiring a single hand to use, or
thicker-shafted and needing both hands. One-handed spears are typically the
ideal choice for people trained in the usage of shields, as spears are a
superior weapon in a defensive capacity. Other professions skilled in dual
wielding often favour one-handed spears. Fewer guilds emphasize the usage of
two-handed spears, but they are still a relatively commonly used weapon.
Spears penetrate techniques such as fend and stone phalanx quite easily, but
are little use against watchers' deflection.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Staff
Syntax: Automatic
A staff is a long, slender pole, usually a blunt weapon and always held with
two hands. They are unparalleled as a defensive weapon, though it is their
resonance with magical energies makes them more of a draw to scholars.
Watchers dedicate themselves to mastery of the deeper intricacies of these
weapons, and some other guilds teach basic skills with them. Staves being so
defensively oriented, they are generally poor at breaking through defenses.
When wielded by any spellcaster, staves will enhance their magics, providing a
bonus to caster level.
Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity
See also: PARRY
Level 1: Hand to Hand
Syntax: Automatic

The art of fisticuffs is taught by several of Avendar's martial guilds.
Students will hit harder while unarmed than those who are untrained. If
someone who is trained in both fighting unarmed and dual wielding has even a
single free hand, he will use that as an off-hand attack. Having claws, both
srryn and kankoran will do more damage with this skill than other races.

However, this basic training only goes so far, and those who fight without a
weapon in hand will find themselves unable to parry.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Concentration
Syntax: Automatic

Typically, magic is a simple proposition to those who know it: focus on the
spell, cast it, and it simply works. However, for those who see combat,
maintaining that focus can be problematic. The concentration skill represents
one's ability to cast in combat-- once maximized, one should virtually never
lose concentration when casting a spell. Templars, being explicitly trained
for battle, will never lose concentration.

It is not necessary to have this skill to utilize powers granted by the Stones
of Power to members of the Great Houses.

Primary Attribute: intelligence, constitution

See also: CAST
Level 2: Wildcraft
Duration : Permanent                                    Cost: 10 mana
                                                        Reuse Delay: Varies

Syntax: Wildcraft <item>

Further enhancing their ability to live off the land, naturalists may craft a
variety of objects while in the wild. As they gain in level, weapons they
produce will be more powerful. Nets may be crafted in the woods, grasslands,
or swamps, while all the others may only be created in the woods.

Each individual class learns a different variety of tools; barbarians would
gain little from crafting arrows, and only druids know the means of crafting
totems, as an inexhaustive example. One may receive a list of craftable items
by typing 'wildcraft' without argument.

Hand-crafted arrows may be banded with varying colours. Hafts created by
druids may be shaped with the shape timber spell.

Primary Attribute: dexterity

Level 3: Swim
Syntax: Automatic 
Rangers and barbarians learn to swim early on, obviating the need for a boat. 
Greater facility with this skill will make travel on water easier, reducing 
the movement cost it takes to move; poor swimmers will consume additional 
movement points. 
Primary Attributes: strength, constitution
Level 4: Find Water
Duration : (4+Level)/2 hours                          Minimum Cost: 10 mana

Syntax: Findwater

Naturalists are skilled at living off the land, and may use this water to find
groundwater, bringing it up in a small spring. This skill will not work in any
place where the ground has been paved over, and in the air. This skill is also
obviously of little use on or under water.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 4: Forage
Syntax: Forage                                         Minimum Cost: 5 move

Skilled at living off the land, all naturalists learn early on how to forage
the wilds for food, finding some often delicious snacks. Different terrains
will produce different results, though there is little edible that can be
found underground or in the air.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 5: Enhanced Damage
Syntax: Automatic

Most of the non-scholarly guilds offer their students training in heightening
the force of their blows. A higher skill will see better results at these
techniques, as will a better weapon.

Primary Attribute: strength

Level 6: Second Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a second attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: dexterity, strength

See also: DUAL WIELD
Level 7: Meditation
Syntax: Automatic

A basic technique for focusing one's thoughts, meditation is a skill taught by
all guilds that their students may recover mana more quickly.

Primary Attribute: intelligence, wisdom

See also: TRANCE, mana
Level 8: Shamanic Ward
Syntax: Automatic

Druids have the ability to call upon nature to defend them from blows in
melee. This will fail in a room where no magic at all can be cast. hitroll
assists with penetrating this defense.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

See also: PARRY, DODGE
Level 9: Fast Healing
Syntax: Automatic

Fast healing is a skill taught by most guilds, that their students might apply
their knowledge to quicker recovery of bodily injuries, increasing the rate at
which they gain hit points.

Primary Attribute: constitution

See also: hit points
Level 14: Invoke Totem
Duration : Instantaneous                                      Cost: 15 mana

Syntax: Totemcast

A druid using a totem in their float slot may invoke it, unleashing the power
contained within. Once this is done, the totem will not be able to be removed
for a short period.

If the totem has been infused with charges, it will be fully effective; it
will only be half as powerful without this. Once its charges have been spent,
it will look like the simple wooden carving it began life as.  With the
totemic attunement skill, it will provide a bonus to the user once it has been

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 18: Third Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a second attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: dexterity, strength

See also: DUAL WIELD
Level 22: Trance
Syntax: Automatic

A further refinement upon the more widely taught basic technique of
meditation, trance is taught by the spellworking guilds and those focused on
more meditative studies, in order to better recover their mana.

Primary Attribute: intelligence, wisdom

See also: MEDITATION, mana
Level 23: Tan
Level 27: Claim Aspect
Duration : 4+(Level/4) Hours                          Minimum Cost: 30 mana
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Claimaspect <wolf, bear, hawk, shark, or none>

This skill causes the user to temporarily take on the aspect of an animal,
gaining powerful abilities much like the natural beings. While holding this
aspect, it is impossible to cast spells. Changing aspects or invoking totems
are specifically not spells.

The various forms all provide various statistical changes visible on affects
and also impart a variety of skills and abilities:

Hawkform  : Evade, dive, controlled flight, gouge, and a very limited
            percent in fourth attack. They also fly naturally.
Sharkform : A bite attack, decapitate, and a greater amount of fourth attack.
Wolfform  : Pounce, predatory attack, and a bite attack. When Rhos is full,
            they gain brutal damage. When Lunus is full, they gain fourth
Bearform  : Brutal damage, fourth attack, maul, and bash.

The 'claim none' and 'revert' commands are functionally identical. Should one
somehow be affected by beastform, such as via an herb, it will not be possible
to freely shift between forms.

Primary Attribute: wisdom
Level 33: Find Herbs
Syntax: Findherb

Druids, who are masters of herb lore, have made their life's work 
the study of herbs which grow in the wild. Depending on a number of
factors, including the weather, time, season, and location, various
herbs can be uncovered.

Primary Attribute: wisdom
Level 39: Totemic Attunement
Syntax: Automatic

When someone with this skill activates a totem, they will gain a bonus to all
outgoing melee damage while the totem is 'stuck' to them. The bonus damage
will be of a type determined by the totem used.

Primary Attribute: wisdom, charisma



Level 3: Amphibious Breathing
Duration : Level/2 Hours                              Minimum Cost: 5 mana
Range    : Target PC or Mob

Syntax: Cast 'Amphibious Breathing' <target>

Amphibious breathing allows its target to breathe and navigate underwater. It
does not allow total freedom of movement underwater, simply allowing travel in
aquatic areas.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

Level 5: Shape Timber
Duration : Instantaneous                                      Cost: 40 Mana

Syntax: Cast 'Shape Timber' haft <weapon type>
        Cast 'Shape Timber' haft <wood type>
        Cast 'Shape Timber' <original weapon> <new weapon type>
        Cast 'Shape Timber' <item> <new wood type>
        Cast 'Shape Timber' <item>
        Cast 'Shape Timber' <item> seal
        Cast 'Shape Timber' <item> type

With this spell, it is possible to transform a carved wooden haft, made by the
wildcraft skill, into a weapon of any type. The haft or the finished weapon
may be transformed into other types of wood as well. It may also be used to
repair wooden weapons, regardless of origin. Weapons created by this spell may
be transformed into other types of weapons according to the whim of the
caster. These weapons will only last until the holder dies, at which point
they will crumble. They have no monetary value.

These weapons may be shared freely, with one exception. Druids of maximum
level may use the 'seal' argument to seal the weapon to themself. After this,
no one else may use the weapon, but it will last permanently. The item will
also gain lore, unique to the individual weapon.

Using the 'type' argument after the item's name (or simply providing any
invalid material) will provide a list of woods you may choose from.

It is not possible to shape timber in Gamaloth's domain, for the tree changes
the nature of wood itself.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

Level 7: Thorn Spray
Duration : Instantaneous                              Minimum Cost: 20 Mana
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Cast 'Thorn Spray' <target>

This spell calls forth a myriad of slashing nettles to spray at the target,
causing them to bleed. This spell is more powerful when cast in a
predominantly forested region.

Should this spell be cast in a region tainted by Gamaloth, the sickly nettles
will instead pierce the target and remain embedded there-- rather than causing
them to bleed, the target will find it painful to move instead.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Dexterity
Level 10: Eyes of the Forest
Duration : Level/2 hours                               Minimum Cost: 5 mana
Range    : Caster Only

Syntax: Cast 'Eyes of the Forest'

This spell allows the caster to see detect all manner of invisible or
camoflauged person or thing, and to see in the dark.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

Level 11: Forest Walk
Duration : 4+(Level/2) Hours                          Minimum Cost: 10 mana
Range    : Caster Only

Syntax: Cast 'Forest Walk'

This spell causes the one affected to walk easily through forests and swamps,
reducing movement cost to a minimum. They will also both sneak and move
silently in these regions, much as an ethron would. The spell offers some
defense against predatory attack's attempts to hamper fleeing from combat.

This spell will allow anyone affected to quit from the game in forests.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity
Level 12: Natural Armor
Duration : 4+(Level/4) Hours                          Minimum Cost: 50 mana
Range    : Caster Only

Syntax: Cast 'Natural Armor'

This spell draws on the ambient magic of the caster's current locale for
protection. This improves the caster's armour class, and protects them from
bashes and against weapons. This spell does not cooexist with similar spells
that transmute the skin such as barkskin or stoneskin.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom
Level 13: Siphon Domain
Duration : 4+(Level/12) Hours                                 Cost: 15 Mana

Syntax: Cast 'Siphon Domain' <target wooden object>

This spell will infuse a wooden item with the power of the most abundant
ambient magic (that is, of the local domain). When used on weapons and arrows,
this will cause their damage type to change to that associated with the
domain. It will not work on weapons that inherently deal magical damage or
that have been magically changed to deal other damage.

When used on armour or jewelry, it will cause that item to offer resistance to
the local domain's associated damage type.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

Level 15: Warp Wood
Syntax: Cast 'Warp Wood' <Direction>
        Cast 'Warp Wood' <Target>

With their innate command of living matter, druids can attempt to warp
wood. This spell can allow them to break doors, or shatter wooden 
equipment worn by others.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 16: Giant Growth
Duration : 4+(Level/6) Hours                          Minimum Cost: 20 mana
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Cast 'Giant Growth'

This spell causes its target to grow larger, and also provides a bonus to
constitution and strength. This spell cannot make anything larger than the
'large' size, and so is of little use on chaja and alatharya, aside from the
other statistical benefits. Most playable species will become large, gaining a
bonus to the bash skill and becoming able to wield most two-handed weapons in
a single hand. Nefortu will become medium-sized.

Giant growth dispels the shrink spell.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

See also: SHRINK
Level 17: Regeneration
Syntax: cast 'regeneration' 

The regeneration spell is used by druids to heal their injuries in
short order. The spell also has some chance of healing grevious
injuries, such as broken bones or injuries to vital regions.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Constitution
Level 19: Entwine
Duration : Level/12 Hours                             Minimum Cost: 25 mana
Range    : Single PC or Mobile

Syntax: Cast 'Entwine' <Target>

This spell calls upon ambient growth to entangle the target with tendrils and
vines, penalizing their dexterity. This spell is more powerful in
predominantly forested regions, but when cast within Gamaloth's reach, it will
also inflict disease-based damage on success.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Dexterity
Level 20: Chameleon
Syntax: Cast 'Chameleon' <Animal Target>

This druidical spell is used to assume the form of an animal.
The druid's appearance, shape, and size changes to match the creature,
and attempts to target the druid fail. Attacking while chameleoned
breaks the form of the spell.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 21: Oak Lance
Duration : Instantaneous                              Minimum Cost: 25 Mana
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Cast 'Oak Lance' <target>

This spell transmutes the caster's arm into a lance of sharp wood, dealing
damage to the target. If the caster is wielding a wooden weapon, this spell
will do additional damage, proportional to the level of the weapon. Should
that weapon deal magical damage, a part of that damage type will be carried
over to the spell; so will any poison inherent to the weapon.

This spell is more powerful in predominantly forested regions. Typically, the
lance will pierce its target. However, should this spell be cast under the
purview of dread Gamaloth, it will carry negative and diseasing energies--
unless the caster's wooden weapon is affected by the rotsbane spell. Then, it
will still pierce, and deal additional damage to the undead.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Dexterity

Level 24: Wall of Vines
Duration : Level/6 Hours                              Minimum Cost: 60 mana
Range    : Target Exit                                Recast Delay: 12 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Wall of Vines' <direction>

This spell causes a tangle of sturdy vines to grow and block off an exit of
a given room. Anyone passing through this wall will be slowed significantly.
This wall will also block line of sight, preventing archery, bolo, dart, firebolt, 
icebolt, ray of light, and throw from working through it. A wall of vines
cannot be called in the air, on water, or underwater.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 25: Naturegate
Syntax: Cast 'Naturegate'

The spell of Nature's Gate allows a druid to reach out to nature
for sanctuary, and travel from any forest locale to the base
of Firiel, Tree of Life. In the Nature's gate, all forests
are one, and a druid will find easy access to forests all over the
surface of Avendar.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 25: Plant Growth
Duration : Level/10 Hours                         Minimum Cost: 80 Mana
Range    : Caster's Current Room                  Reuse Delay: Level/8 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Plant Growth'

A druid may call upon powerful energies of growth to turn their locale as lush
as a forest for a short period of time. This cannot be cast on water or in
certain unnatural locales, nor in a place that is already forest. This fully
enables abilities that require being within a forest and also causes it to be
considered a part of a forested region-- in addition to its inherent ambient
magical energy.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom
Level 26: Rite of Infusion
Duration : See Text                                           Cost: 50 Mana

Syntax: Cast 'Rite of Infusion'

This spell will charge the druidic totem the caster is currently wearing with
the ambient magic of the local vicinity. Should the domain and totem be
harmonious, this will transform the totem and imbue it with charges that may
be used through invocation. This will prevent the totem from being removed for
a short period of time. It takes a few rounds to charge the totem; should the
caster leave the domain, the charging will fail, but they are otherwise free
to act during this period.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

Level 28: Shrink
Duration : 1+(Level/10) Hours                        Minimum Cost: 20 Mana
Range    : Single PC or Mobile

Syntax: Cast 'Shrink' <Target>

This spell will cause its target to drastically shrink in size and also
penalize their strength and constitution. Being shrunk will cause the target
to be less effective at bashing, and should they be normally capable of
wielding a two-handed weapon in one hand, they will be unable to do so (though
this will not knock a weapon already held in this manner loose). This spell
will not cause nefortu to grow any smaller, but the statistical penalties will
still hinder them.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom
Level 29: Rotsbane
Duration : 4+(Level/6) Hours                          Minimum Cost: 50 mana
Range    : Target Inventory Weapon

Syntax: Cast 'Rotsbane' <weapon>

This spell enchants a wooden weapon (including arrows) with a powerful
animosity for the undead. It will cause a significant amount of bonus damage
against them, and also has a chance of rendering them unable to naturally
regenerate hit points for a short period of time. This will additionally cause
the weapon to become poisonous, offering it some efficacy against the living
as well. It is not possible to cast this spell on a weapon that deals disease
damage, whether it be temporarily or permanently.

One may place this spell upon a wielded weapon by casting it upon a person.
Those affected by the Gamalean emissary spell will be considered as undead for
the purposes of this spell.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 30: Mushroom Circle
Duration : 1+(Level/10) Hours                        Minimum Cost: 50 Mana
Range    : Caster's Current Room                     Recast Delay: 3 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Mushroom Circle' <Sleep/Hallucinatory/Slow>

This spell will call forth a circle of toxic mushrooms to rise up around the
caster. These mushrooms will release spores any time someone enters the room;
the spores can either put them to sleep, cause them to hallucinate, or slow
their reflexes.

This spell can only be cast on solid ground, in natural environs. When cast in
a region dominated by Gamaloth, the spores are more powerful.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom

See also: SLOW
Level 31: Nettles
Duration : 1+Level/30 Hours                           Minimum Cost: 25 Mana
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Cast 'Nettles' <target>

This spell covers its target in a myriad of distracting nettles. This causes a
great hindrance to both spellcasting and bardic music; one affected will lose
additional mana above and beyond the normal cost.

When cast in a region dominated by Gamaloth, the nettles will turn sickly and

Primary Attributes: Wisdom
Level 32: Elemental Protection
Syntax: Cast 'Elemental Protection'

Druids, with their natural affinity for dealing with the most common
physical extremes, can use their magic to protect them from heat
and cold. The more powerful the druid, the greater the protection.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Level 35: Circle of Stones
Duration : 50 Hours                                 Minimum Cost: 100 mana
Range    : Caster's Current Room

Syntax: Cast 'Circle of Stones'

This spell calls a circle of stones into being where the caster stands. This
spell must be cast on solid ground, and outside of any city. Once a circle of
stones is placed at a given locale, the druid will recall to that point when
he attempts to use the RECALL command, or any other form of the magic spell
'word of recall'.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity
Level 36: Insect Swarm
Syntax: Cast 'Insect Swarm' <Target>

Through the use of this spell, druids may call a swarm of biting and
stinging insects against an opponent. Persons attacked by the swarm
will find their ability to use skills and spells hampered, and will
suffer various deleterious affects. 

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom
Level 37: Speak with Plants
Duration : Instantaneous                               Minimum Cost: 30 Mana
Range    : Single PC, anywhere in the world

Syntax: Cast 'Speak with Plants' <Target>

A sufficiently skilled druid may commune with plants if they are in a place of
wild plant-growth. By doing so, they may ask their target's location. If they
are also in a similarly natural place, the plants will tell the caster the
name of the area they may be found in. Oceanic plants may be consulted, but
they only communicate with other aquatic growth.

In general, plants cannot communicate through the wards or curses that
permanently prevent recall or teleportation, but within its own domain, the
roots of Gamaloth are all-seeing. Should both caster and target be in such a
region, the caster will unerringly see their target's current room.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 38: Sticks to Snakes
Duration : 4+(Level/10) Hours                    Minimum Cost: 50 Mana
                                                 Reuse Delay: 1.5-2.5 Hours

Range    : Single wooden item, single PC or Mobile
Syntax   : Cast 'Sticks to Snakes' <Object> <Target>

This spell will transform a wooden item into one or more snakes. More powerful
items will produce more and more powerful snakes; so will casting rotsbane on
the item first. Using a weapon affected by the siphon domain spell will cause
the snakes' damage type to be the same as the weapon, though Gamaloth's
influence as well will turn the snakes diseased and sickly.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Charisma

Level 51: Creeping Curse
Duration : 1+(Level/10) Hours                        Minimum Cost: 200 Mana
Range    : Caster's Current Area                     Recast Delay: 60 Hours

Syntax: Cast 'Creeping Curse'

This spell will call forth thousands of sharp spiny plants to infest a natural
area. Damage will be done to those who try to move through the area, and exits
will be so tangled with the plants that they will be effectively scrambled
amongst themselves. Any rooms separated from nature within the area will be

Druids may move unimpeded by the thorns through these locales, but navigation
will still be difficult.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Charisma

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