“The Eqiril rangers are known for their fine marksmanship.” – Adwin Feridur, Ranger Guildmaster of Nendor

Warriors of the forest, rangers are skilled in tracking and in tune with the creatures and terrain. Unparalleled in their use of archery, the ranger can make use of barbs, simple poisons, great distances, and accurate marksmanship to hinder their prey wherever they run. All alignments and ethoi are open to rangers, allowing them to ply their formidable skill to whatever ends they desire.


Founded on the ancient survival skills of primitive Avendar, rangers represent the refinement and culmination of that knowledge into a devastating predator. The newly-Sundered alatharya are among the earliest known proto-rangers, as they were forced to survive in the wild in their hubris. As other races emerged from the primeval forests, so too did the ranger’s creed grow. The srryn contributed their ferocious and sudden attacks; the ethron, their careful passage through the woods; and finally the humans, with the early development of archery. As the guild has grown, these many styles have fused into a single, pan-racial entity.

Rangers are learned in many simple, effective weapons such as the mace and spear. They focus primarily on using two weapons when fighting in melee combat, as well as the element of surprise. However, a ranger is first a hunter, making his most dangerous tools his bow and arrow. Unparalleled in their use of archery, the ranger can make use of barbs, simple poisons, great distances, and accurate marksmanship to hinder their prey wherever they run. They are trained to follow tracks for great distances, shelter themselves from the elements, and detect motion even from afar. This allows a ranger’s natural guile to shield him when it is he who is hunted. In the wild, a ranger can as easily vanish as he can strike.

All alignments and ethoi are open to rangers, allowing them to ply their formidable skill to whatever ends they desire. Many rangers favor deities of nature, as they often hold the natural world as a virtue all its own, but such is no more typical than foregoing religion altogether. In the end, a ranger will most often rely on himself before all others– ally and god alike.

Class Abilities

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Skills (levels 1-17)

Level 1: Axe
Level 1: Dagger
Syntax: Automatic

Small, bladed weapons, daggers are one of the simplest melee weapons, often
favoured by scholars for this reason, most other professions in Avendar also
receiving training in them. Rogues are more intimately trained in their usage,
learning techniques both flashy and subtle. Typically thrusting or slashing
weapons, due to their length, they are poor at warding off blows though it is
likewise difficult to parry against a dagger. Someone wielding a dagger will
have a harder time getting around a shield, a stone phalanx, or a fighter's

Primary Attribute: dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Mace
Syntax: Automatic

While some may feature ornamentation or spikes, maces are at their heart a
very simple weapon: a short length of metal or wood, typically used as a means
of blunt force. For this reason, they are often favoured by scholars and
templars of the earth, as well as barbarians, though several guilds train in
the usage of this weapon. Due to the length and balance of these weapons,
maces do not parry blows very well, and if offhanded will hurt one's main-hand
parrying. Maces will get around both shields and watchers' deflection
relatively easily.

Primary Attribute: strength

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Spear
Syntax: Automatic

A long shaft with a sharpened tip, spears are typically piercing weapons.
They can be found both as slender javelins requiring a single hand to use, or
thicker-shafted and needing both hands. One-handed spears are typically the
ideal choice for people trained in the usage of shields, as spears are a
superior weapon in a defensive capacity. Other professions skilled in dual
wielding often favour one-handed spears. Fewer guilds emphasize the usage of
two-handed spears, but they are still a relatively commonly used weapon.
Spears penetrate techniques such as fend and stone phalanx quite easily, but
are little use against watchers' deflection.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Sword
Syntax: Automatic

One of the most commonly-produced and commonly-trained weapons in Avendar,
swords are simple to learn the basics of, but may take decades to master. The
only weapon with an entire profession dedicated solely to their usage, in the
hands of most others, swords are a particularly average weapon. Typically
slashing or piercing, they range from slender rapiers to massive two-handed

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 1: Hand to Hand
Syntax: Automatic

The art of fisticuffs is taught by several of Avendar's martial guilds.
Students will hit harder while unarmed than those who are untrained. If
someone who is trained in both fighting unarmed and dual wielding has even a
single free hand, he will use that as an off-hand attack. Having claws, both
srryn and kankoran will do more damage with this skill than other races.

However, this basic training only goes so far, and those who fight without a
weapon in hand will find themselves unable to parry.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: PARRY
Level 2: Find Water
Duration : (4+Level)/2 hours                          Minimum Cost: 10 mana

Syntax: Findwater

Naturalists are skilled at living off the land, and may use this water to find
groundwater, bringing it up in a small spring. This skill will not work in any
place where the ground has been paved over, and in the air. This skill is also
obviously of little use on or under water.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 2: Forage
Syntax: Forage                                         Minimum Cost: 5 move

Skilled at living off the land, all naturalists learn early on how to forage
the wilds for food, finding some often delicious snacks. Different terrains
will produce different results, though there is little edible that can be
found underground or in the air.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

Level 3: Dirt Kicking
Duration : 0.5 Hours                                           Cost: 5 mana
Range    : Single PC or mob

Syntax: Dirt <target>

This skill attempts to temporarily blind a person by kicking dirt in their
eyes. This skill cannot be used on or underwater, or in the air.

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 3: Swim
Syntax: Automatic 
Rangers and barbarians learn to swim early on, obviating the need for a boat. 
Greater facility with this skill will make travel on water easier, reducing 
the movement cost it takes to move; poor swimmers will consume additional 
movement points. 
Primary Attributes: strength, constitution
Level 4: Dodge
Syntax: Automatic

Dodge is a melee defense skill focused on the avoidance of blows. It is
particularly difficult to dodge flails and polearms, and easier to dodge
whips. Dodge is the favored defense of rogues, but it is taught in many other
schools as well.

All aelin receive a bonus to this skill.

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 5: Enhanced Damage
Syntax: Automatic

Most of the non-scholarly guilds offer their students training in heightening
the force of their blows. A higher skill will see better results at these
techniques, as will a better weapon.

Primary Attribute: strength

Level 5: Poultice
Duration : Instantaneous                              Cost: 45 mana
                                                      Reuse Delay: 3.5 Hours

Syntax: Poultice <optional target>

With this skill, the user may attempt to create an herbal poultice to heal
either himself or another person. This will heal some hit points, up to twice
his level, with an absolute minimum of twenty. The poultice is also of some
use against both poison and disease. A poultice may only be prepared out of
doors, away from a city, and not underwater or in the air. A pet summoned by
Nariel's Whistle will be healed twice what any other being would be.

Primary Attribute: wisdom

See also: BANDAGE
Level 6: Second Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a second attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: dexterity, strength

See also: DUAL WIELD
Level 7: Farsight
Syntax: Automatic

With this skill, rangers may scan an additional room further than they would
otherwise be able. This skill is cumulative with all other sources of such
enhanced vision.

Primary Attribute: wisdom
Level 8: Fast Healing
Syntax: Automatic

Fast healing is a skill taught by most guilds, that their students might apply
their knowledge to quicker recovery of bodily injuries, increasing the rate at
which they gain hit points.

Primary Attribute: constitution

See also: hit points
Level 9: Sharp Vision
Duration : Level/2 hours                              Minimum Cost: 15 mana 
Syntax: Sharpvision 
This skill allows the user to view people who have concealed and camouflaged 
themselves within a forest's foliage, or where they have made their camps. It 
will also allow them to see more readily into darkened places. 
Primary Attribute: wisdom 
Level 10: Trip
Syntax: Trip <Target>

The trip command attempts to bring an opponent down by knocking their
feet from under them. Tripping is most successfully Practiced by the
quick and nimble, and fails on opponents who are flying or otherwise
not tied to the ground. Trip can either be used to start a fight, or
in combat, where the argument is optional.

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 11: Encamp
Duration : 24 Hours                                           Cost: 50 mana
Range    : User's current room

Syntax: Encamp

This skill allows a ranger to set up a camp within a given room. Once he has
made camp, this room will provide a substantial boost to mana regeneration for
himself only, and protect him from the effects of poor weather. Sharp vision
will allow a passer-by to view where a camp has been made. Rangers may only
make camp in forests, mountains, hills, swamps, deserts, and fields. The
ranger may quit from the game from his camp.

Primary Attribute: wisdom
Level 11: Wildcraft
Duration : Permanent                                    Cost: 10 mana
                                                        Reuse Delay: Varies

Syntax: Wildcraft <item>

Further enhancing their ability to live off the land, naturalists may craft a
variety of objects while in the wild. As they gain in level, weapons they
produce will be more powerful. Nets may be crafted in the woods, grasslands,
or swamps, while all the others may only be created in the woods.

Each individual class learns a different variety of tools; barbarians would
gain little from crafting arrows, and only druids know the means of crafting
totems, as an inexhaustive example. One may receive a list of craftable items
by typing 'wildcraft' without argument.

Hand-crafted arrows may be banded with varying colours. Hafts created by
druids may be shaped with the shape timber spell.

Primary Attribute: dexterity

Level 12: Third Attack
Syntax: Automatic

Characters with proficiency in this skill will attempt a second attack each
round with both their main and any offhanded weapons. Mastery of this skill
does not guarantee the attack will be attempted every round, but it does make
it very likely.

Primary Attribute: dexterity, strength

See also: DUAL WIELD
Level 13: Terrain Lore
Syntax: Automatic

Unquestioned masters of wilderness terrain, rangers may frequently use their
surroundings to their advantage. This has a variety of effects depending on
where they are fighting-- from evading attacks in the high grasses or ducking
behind trees (damaging the opponent's weapon, of course) to tiring opponents
out by manuvering to high ground in the hills, gaining extra attacks in the
desert, when the opponent has dirt in their eyes, or miring the enemy in the
swamps, causing them to lose attacks. This skill will also always serve as an
additional defense, at least in the wilderness. hitroll assists with
penetrating this defense.

Primary Attribute: wisdom, dexterity

See also: PARRY, DODGE
Level 13: Lunge
Duration : Instantaneous                                       Cost: 5 mana
Range    : Single PC or mob

Syntax: Lunge <target>

Many adventurers are able to make a highly accurate lunge at an enemy, dealing
damage with their main-hand weapon. Being struck by this skill leaves that
target open to attack, and causes them to incur a penalty to their armor class
for a brief period.

Primary Attribute: strength, dexterity

See also: armor class
Level 14: Retreat
Duration : Instantaneous
Range    : User Only

Syntax: Retreat <direction>

With this skill, a watcher or thief may attempt to flee from combat in a
specified direction.

Primary Attribute: intelligence, dexterity
Level 15: Drag
Duration : Instantaneous                                Cost: 16 mana

Syntax: Drag <person or corpse>

With this skill, both rangers and bandits may drag a dead weight around from
room to room. This may only be attempted on corpses or people who are
sleeping, though those who are asleep willfully will be woken up from being
dragged in this manner, initiating combat. It is not possible to drag someone
who is not flying into the air, or to pull someone underwater who cannot
breathe there.

Primary Attribute: strength
Level 15: Cook
Duration : Instantaneous 
Range    : Target corpse in room 
Syntax: Cook <corpse> 
In the presence of a campfire, a ranger or a barbarian may carve up any corpse 
in the room into chunks and prepare the meat over the fire into delicious 
morsels. Larger corpses and greater facility at cooking will produce more 
chunks, and higher skill levels will create more filling food. Undead or 
otherwise inedible corpses will produce poisonous food. 
Primary Attribute: wisdom, dexterity
Level 16: Entangle
Duration : Special                                      Weapon: Net
Range    : Single PC or mob

Syntax: Entangle <target>

A ranger may throw a net from their inventory at a target, causing them lag
and to lose an attack every round. The ranger's pet will gain an extra attack
when the net hits. Each combat round, the victim has a chance to break free of
the net, but in all cases the net is destroyed in the process.

Primary Attribute: dexterity
Level 17: Endurance
Syntax: Automatic

Despite their vast diversity of training between the ranger, fighter,
barbarian, and watcher classes, all of them are used to bouts of hard or
speedy travel.  With the endurance skill, the user will have a heightened
regeneration rate of movement points.  

For the trait, please see help ENDURANCE-TRAIT.

Primary Attribute: constitution

Skills (levels 18-40)

Level 18: Camouflage Blind
Duration : Special                                      Cost: 15 Mana/Person

Syntax: Camoblind

Sufficiently skilled rangers may conceal their entire groups behind camouflage
blinds, allowing all members to enjoy the benefits of being camouflaged. The
camoflage blind is disturbed for everyone when a single person leaves. This
skill may only be used in the forest.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity

Level 19: Arrowcraft
Duration : Permanent                                           Cost: 10 mana

Syntax: Applybarbs <arrow>
        Applypoison <arrow>
        Ignite <arrow>

Once they have created an arrow, rangers may take the time to apply barbs,
poison, ignite the arrow, or any combination thereof. Barbed arrows will dig
into the target, and poisoned arrows will impart that quality to the target on
impact. Flaming arrows will set the target on fire. Any of these can be used
on a single arrow for a combined effect, but it is more difficult to add
further modifications to an arrow that has already been adjusted. This skill
can only be used on arrows created through the wildcraft skill.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Level 19: Archery
Range    : Target PC or Mob within range

Syntax   : Nock <arrow>
           Shoot <target> <optional direction>
In Combat: Shoot <arrow>

Archery is a ranged weapon skill, functioning similarly to melee weapons.  To
use archery, a character must first nock an arrow, and then fire it with the
shoot command.  Arrows may be purchased throughout Avendar, or created by
rangers using wildcraft.  The distance an arrow can be fired is determined by
the range modifier on both the bow and arrow being used. Archery finds the
closest possible target that matches the argument you supply; it searches
for a matching target in your current room before any direction you supply.

Arrows can be imbued with magic spells or secondary effects, which take effect
when the arrow hits its target.  Additionally, arrows may be branded with
elemental spells, such as lightning brand, in the same way a melee weapon can.

If used in combat, one specifies the arrow one is using; it is not possible
to fire at targets in other rooms while fighting. One may draw directly from a

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Level 20: Tan
Level 21: Ambush
Duration : Instantaneous
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Ambush <target>

Striking from camoflauge or while hiding, bandits and rangers may attempt to
ambush his prey. This ambush does more damage than normal, as well as having a
chance to stun their target.

Primary Attributes: Wisdom, Dexterity
Level 22: Shared Instincts
Syntax: Automatic

When fighting together with a companion called by Nariel's Whistle, both the
ranger and their animal will work in tandem to avoid melee attacks. Should the
two be separated at any point, no benefit is gained.

Primary Attribute: Charisma, Dexterity

See also: DODGE
Level 23: Disarm
Duration : Instantaneous
Range    : Current Weapon-Wielding Opponent

Syntax: Disarm

Combat-oriented classes can use this skill to knock a weapon from their foe's
hands. Two-handed weapons are more difficult to disarm, while certain other
weapons such as whips and flails are easier to use to disarm others.

Most weapons will fall to the ground when disarmed, though those that bear the
nodrop or inventory flags remain in the character's inventory. Items with the
noremove and nodisarm flags cannot be disarmed with this skill. Mobiles who
are able to see at the time they are disarmed will immediately pick up their

This skill must be used while already in combat, and only against the person
the user is currently fighting.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Level 24: Meditation
Syntax: Automatic

A basic technique for focusing one's thoughts, meditation is a skill taught by
all guilds that their students may recover mana more quickly.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence, Wisdom

See also: TRANCE, MANA
Level 24: Sidestep
                                                               Weapon: Net

Syntax: Automatic

With the sidestep skill, a ranger carrying a net in their inventory can use it
defensively, tangling those who attempt to bash, shield bash, grapple, pummel,
or catch them in a submission hold. The tangled unfortunate will themselves be
lagged instead.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Level 25: Huntersense
Duration : Permanent                                Cost: 25 Mana + Special
Range    : Special

Syntax: Huntersense <optional target/stop>

This skill allows a ranger to see tracks of other PCs within a room. When used
without an argument, this skill shows tracks of all PCs, and when specified
with a target, the ranger sees only his victim's tracks. The 'stop' argument
ends huntersense. While this skill is active, it drains 25 mana per tick.

It is possible for a ranger to intentionally leave tracks by flipping the
AUTOTRACKS toggle; when the toggle is set to off, they will attempt to cover their tracks.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 26: Pounce
Duration : Special
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Pounce <target>

A ranger may pounce at their enemy, dealing damage and bringing them to the
ground halting any flight, natural or magical and trapping them in any snares
set in the room. The target will attempt to recover their flight each and
every round until successful.

Primary Attributes: Strength, Dexterity
Level 27: Precision
Syntax: Automatic

Rangers are skilled at precisely aiming their shots with arrows, so that they
will consistently deal more damage than before.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Level 28: Stash
Duration : Permanent
Range    : Single Inventory Item/Current room

Syntax: Stash <Item>

This skill may be used to stash loot.  Stashed items are usually buried,
placed under loose cobblestones, or otherwise covered.  The only way to
detect a stashed item is by searching the room.

See also: SEARCH

Primary Attribute: Wisdom
Level 28: Scouting
Duration : 4 Hours
Range    : User's Surroundings

Syntax: Scouting

A fighter or ranger  may attempt to scout the area about him. While doing so,
he will be aware of anyone moving within his scan range, as well as what
direction they are moving in. Because of this heightened awareness, he will
also be harder to flank, vital strike, or circle stab.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity
Level 29: Predatory Attack
Duration : 1 Tick
Range    : Single PC or Mob

Syntax: Predatoryattack <target>

With this skill, a ranger may circle his target, delivering an attack with his
weapon. If his target has lost half of his hit points or more, and he attempts
to flee after having been struck with this attack, he will receive additional
lag for doing so. Ethron in the out-of-doors or other characters affected by
forest walk will not be affected by this lag.


Primary Attributes: Strength, Intelligence
Level 30: Savage Interception
Duration : 4 Hours or Until Used
Range    : Ranger's Companion

Syntax: Savageinterception

A ranger may direct their companion to attack the next thing they shoot with
an arrow. Should that target be in the same room, the animal will attack first
and duck behind the ranger. Should they be at range, the animal will chase the
arrow and begin attacking the target. They will do so until the ranger joins
them, they kill the target, or they die.

Primary Attribute: Charisma
Level 31: Creature Lore
Syntax: Learn/Unlearn <slot>
Syntax: Automatic

Rangers may attempt to learn the behavior and mannerisms of their prey, using
their skill as hunters to good advantage. With this skill, they may avoid
attacks from creatures they have learned about.

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

See also: LEARN, DODGE
Level 32: Set Snare
Duration : Level/20 Hours                                      Cost: 5 Mana

Syntax: Setsnare

Rangers can use a net from their inventory attempt to set a snare, allowing
them to trap anyone not flying who enters it. Tripping the snare will lag
whomever does so.

Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Dexterity

See also: POUNCE
Level 34: Feral Bond
Duration : Level/10 Hours
Range    : Ranger's Companion

Syntax: Feralbond

While this skill is active, a ranger's companion animal will intercept lethal
damage that would otherwise kill the ranger. They will receive greater damage
than the ranger themself would have taken. Conversely, a ranger will accept a
blow that would otherwise kill their companion.

Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Charisma
Level 36: Trackless Step
Syntax: Automatic

This skill allows rangers to move through wilderness areas without leaving any
tracks, making it impossible for anyone to see which way they have moved.

It is possible for a ranger to intentionally leave tracks by flipping the
AUTOTRACK toggle; when the toggle is set to off, they will leave tracks.

Primary Attribute: Dexterity, Wisdom

Level 38: Trueshot
Syntax: Automatic 
Rangers who have learned the trueshot skill have become so skilled at 
precisely aiming their shots that they will have a chance of crippling their 
foes. Those so affected will find that all actions they attempt will incur 
extra lag. Additionally, the ranger's precision is such that his arrows will 
often strike so that they are not broken upon impact.  Such arrows may be then 
retrieved from the ground, or his victim's eventual corpse.  A skilled ranger 
is also able to fire successive arrows more quickly. 
Primary Attribute: Wisdom, Dexterity 
Level 40: Maul
Duration : See Text 
Range    : User only                                  Reuse Delay: 3 Hours 
Syntax: Maul 
A ranger may attempt to drive himself at an enemy, mauling them brutally. For 
the next several rounds after initiating this skill, all of the user's attacks 
will deal additional damage, and he will receive an additional attack every 
Primary Attribute: Strength, Dexterity 

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