The choice of race in Avendar influences some important things about your character–from physical or mental statistics that influence how well a character does various things, to special abilities such as flight or night vision, to the cosmic alignment of your character and the professions available.

Race List


Delicate, winged humanoids, aelin live in highly-stratified societies. They pride themselves on beauty and sophistication. Their intellect, dexterity, and force of personality lend them to a wide range of adventuring classes.


Cursed by the gods for their hubris, alatharya are giant, silver-skinned humanoids with a tragic past. In ancient times, they built advanced cities and dared to challenge the gods. Now barred from casting magic spells, their remaining toughness and strength sees them through the current era.


A philosophical people, the caladaran are tall and have bark-like skin. Peaceful conversation is generally their priority. Should things go awry, however, their deep minds wield powerful magics and psionics.


Chaja are hirsute, underground giants, enslaved for generations by their eyeless masters. On the surface world, free chaja have an uncertain future. Some choose to join established societies, while others form secluded enclaves of their own. Regardless, their physical prowess backs up their claim to place.


Semi-translucent humanoids from another plane, the ch’taren are golden-hued and shimmering. Their scintillating intellect is only outpaced by their eagerness to fight evil in all its forms.


Short, stout, and brightly colored, the ethron live in the wilds with a strong tradition of respect for nature. With fairly balanced abilities, the ethron have the second-widest choice of adventuring class available to them.


Plentiful and diverse, the humans were the latest to dominate the continent before the Republic of Earendam dissolved. They have the same range of coloration as humans on Earth. Humans tend to specialize, and this focus allows them to lean into their chosen class in a way no other race can.


Flying on their bat-like wings, nefortu favor tricks and cunning over brawn. Their large ears can hear profit in the wind, and they pray for fortune in finance and luck. Yet, there is a dangerous streak to the race, as their morals range from merely acquisitive to world-destroying, fiery hatred.


Eyeless, grey, wrinkled humanoids, the shuddeni are frail tunnel dwellers bent on evil. Villains through-and-through, they scheme wisely and intelligently to gain advantage over their nemesis, the ch’taren.


The lizard-like srryn dominate the swamps with muscle and magic. The first to discover fire magic after the Sundering, srryn took civilization to the torch, burning human and aelin alike. Today, srryn remain bellicose, though a few seek to learn from the other races before squashing them.


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Racial Stats

Aelin1823182518253G N EL N -
Alatharya 2516171825212- N -L N C
Caladaran 1822251819184G N -L N -
Ch'taren 1725222216244G - -- N C
Chaja 2416152124162G N EL N C
Ethron 2218221823223G N -L N C
Human * 2020202020203G N EL N C
Nefortu 1721182422163- N EL N C
Shuddeni 1724232216234- - EL N C
Srryn 2217162323152- N EL N C

* Humans receive three bonus stat points which may be placed on any stat (except con).

Other Traits

Races have traits such as resistances and vulnerabilities.

RaceResistVulnerableSpecial Abilities
Aelin LightningBlunt, mentalNatural Flight
AlatharyaBluntHolyGiant Size
Caladaran+ Faster mana regen
– Slower health regen
Ch’tarenPhysical, mentalNegativePass door
ChajaMental, illusionGiant size, Dark vision
EthronWater breathing, swim
Sneak in forest
+ Faster move regen in light
Human3 points at creation
to improve max stats
NefortuLightSonicNatural Flight
Dark vision
Small size
ShuddeniNegativeLightImmune to blindness
SrrynFire, disease, poisonCold