“Secrets are easy. But good gossip–that’s hard.” – a nefortu regular at the Beast and Bandit pub

One of the most regal of races, the aelin are also one of the oldest. Their noble blood runs deep, and is a considerable source of pride for those who bear it. Status in society is of the utmost importance to aelin, and appearance is always a consideration.


Maximum Stats


Other traits

Pracs / levelResistVulnOtherLanguage
3LightningBluntNatural flightAelin


The Aelin appear as delicate humans, usually with dark hair. Their eyes may be any color, and their skin may be of any human hue.

Most prominent are their wings, which are large and bird-like. Brighter plumage may suggest the aelin has some status in society. Regardless if that is the case, aelin value beauty. Wings that are dull or poorly kept will reflect badly on their owner.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.

Aehaesir, Blade of the Rose

The aelin man before you is of above-average height and leanly muscled. His typically fine aelin features are weathered by time and the elements. His age-lined skin is lightly tanned, and his brown hair, mostly grey now, falls in thin waves about his shoulders untended. The narrow curls of his hair frame his narrow, well-defined face. Set above his hawklike nose are a pair of tired-seeming eyes, colored an earthy green-brown. Upon his upper arm a rose-entwined silver sword has been branded, shimmering faintly.

Playing an Aelin

Natural leaders, aelin make use of their high charisma to win over allies and to denounce their enemies.


Aelin society is highly-stratified. They harshly judge anyone who does not fit into traditional roles, while at the same time pushing the boundaries privately or in secret. Hypocrisy is common, and even the best of aelin will experience intense temptation.


A city across the Sea of Lidraeu, Ilodaiya wields considerable influence locally despite its far-off location. Ilodaiya is an important trading partner with the human-dominated cities of Gaald and Earendam, and Ilodaiyan imports are considered the height of fashion.

Connections are everything in Ilodaiya. Inheritance is selective rather than assumed to go to blood relatives. Legal battles have become common, and preemptive contracts, such as pre-nuptials, are the norm. This is not to say the aelin are a cold people–instead, these legalisms are an attempt to rein in the passionate aelin soul.

Courtly Intrigue

With their inimitable confidence and poise, aelin tend to rise quickly in human society. However, their lower wisdom renders them likely to fall just as quickly. Whether due to pettiness or a lack self-discipline, aelin are often the orchestrators of their own downfall.

Their relationships tend to be complex, composed of distinct public and private sides. Pinning down their “true” motivations can be difficult, as they are likely to tell different versions of the same story–or entirely different stories–to different people. This is true even for well-meaning aelin; they need not lie, but they might confide to several people about separate aspects of life.

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