“Welcome to the Beast and Bandit. I’m Ghonst. I keep the glasses full and the place respec’able.” – Ghonst Ardon

After many centuries of dominating every facet of the realm, the alatharya have truly declined in influence. In the wake of challenging the Overgods, the First Race was cast down in its hubris by the heavens. The ensuing cataclysm, known as the Sundering, radically changed the face of the land and destroyed the legendary power of the alatharya. Afterward, the shattered race was stripped of their peerless mental capabilities. However, their physical strength and durability remained, left as a reminder of what they had lost.


Maximum Stats


Other traits

Pracs / levelResistVulnOtherLanguage
2BluntHolyGiant Size
+1 scan distance




Racial Gods


Captain Bromrin
Captain Bromrin

The alatharya appear as enormous humans, with silvery skin and flowing white hair. A typical alatharya averages nine feet tall, with a broad chest and heavily muscled limbs. This girth gives them at least some resistance to physical blows and allows them to heft some two-handed weapons in a single hand. Their strength comes at the price of grace, leaving most alatharya slow and lumbering. Their eyesight remains as keen as ever, allowing them to see farther than most others.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.

Emandore, Barbarian

A tall woman stands here, clad in a motley assortment of things. Her extremely tall stature and pale, silvery skin clearly mark her as an Alatharya, though her grey eyes betray an unusual intelligence for her kind. Her hair is a clean, shiny white, and is bound in a thick braid that hangs to midway down her back. As if chiseled out of rock, her face is angular and hard-edged, and her jaw is almost masculine. A series of scars mark the left side of her face, and a nasty pale line that looks to have been caused by a large blade mars the skin across her neck. She moves with strength, and purpose, but a lack of confidence betrays itself in the hesitancy of her movements.

Playing an Alatharya

With the highest strength and constitution in the game, alatharya make excellent tanks.

Although their intelligence is low compared to other races, alatharya are fluent in common. Consider using shorter words and sentences rather than caveman speech. Your intelligence score represents academic learning–alatharya may never be gifted at calculus, but how often do you need to do calculus?


Because of their lingering fear of the gods’ wrath, the alatharya are unwilling to choose sides in the ongoing war between good and evil. Instead, they remain decidedly neutral, although they may be of any ethos.

Integration with other races

Alatharya frequently live among other races. Their size and strength make them valuable members in any community. In Var Bandor, Captain Bromrin is a prominent figure, having attained a leadership role among the Var Bandor guard.

Atharyan neutrality may prevent them from attaining a place in more extreme cultures. Kor Thrandir, a bastion of the light, is not likely to welcome alatharya with open arms, while the shuddeni city of Yithoul is more apt to clap an alatharya in chains and toss them in the slave pits than to allow them anything like citizenship.

Alatharya Enclaves

Though scattered across Avendar, alatharya-dominated communities do exist. The unnamed village in Yora Vale is a prime example–a humble gathering of farmers in the Brintor Mountains. Cities can also be home to tight-knit groups of alatharya, such as the found family at Emmeline’s place.

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