“Even an old tree can learn new things. There’s more in heavens and earth than we may ever know.” – Dejanech, storymaster

The caladaran are reknowned throughout Avendar for their wisdom. Tall, gentle creatures with odd bark-like skin, they tend to live either in forests or among the mountains, where they are known for their secluded lifestyles.


Maximum Stats


Other traits

Pracs / levelResistVulnOtherLanguage
4+ Faster mana regen
– Slower health regen


Caladaran share visual affinity with trees. Their skin is rough and bark-like, coming in all natural shades of tree bark, from birch to ebony. Their hair usually has a mossy or leafy quality, and come in vegetal colors from vivid green to autumnal orange.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.


The first thing that stands out about Isijora is her long mahogany hair, woven with ivy and leaves from the forest. The green of the leaves causes her hair to look more red in colour, and brings out the similar paler green in her almond shaped eyes. Her skin is a dark oaken hue, weathered and tanned by growing up outdoors, but fairly smooth to the touch. Long-limbed and willowy, Isijora is fairly tall, even for one of her race. Her movements are slight and silent, carrying with her an aura of placidity.

Playing a Caladaran

Being fonts of wisdom, caladaran have superb mana recovery and saves. They are well-suited to classes with heavy mana costs, such as the psionicist, water scholar, and druid. Their high saves will mitigate high-damage spells and stop maledictions in their tracks, making caladaran reliably well-defended.


For the caladaran, philosophy and debate are the highest forms of art. They prefer peaceful settings where conversations can go on uninterrupted.

Towns and Monasteries

The town of Jandiska is a place for open debate. Radical discussion is tolerated and even encouraged; however, disruptive action is not. Two monasteries were founded by caladaran: Chanisal and Hakurah, places of worship for Alajial and Jalassa respectively.

Frank Wisdom

Caladaran rarely lie, seeing little point in deception, including self-deception. Masters of introspection, they are well aware of their own feelings. They are generally open with their opinions and will offer them freely.

If anything, caladaran are prone to over-share. The caladaran do not hide their feelings, even when those feelings are uncomfortable. A brutal truth is still a truth.

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