“Secrets are easy. But good gossip–that’s hard.” – a nefortu regular at the Beast and Bandit pub

Chaja are a traditionally subterranean race, known widely for their countless generations of enslavement by the shuddeni. While many remain under the yoke of their eyeless oppressors, a growing free population of chaja has emerged in the surface world, in both major Avendarian cities and in their own secluded mountain enclaves.


Maximum Stats


Other traits

Pracs / levelResistVulnOtherLanguage
Giant size,
Dark vision,
Can eat poison food






Ranging between six and eight feet tall, chaja are hearty, strong, and agile. Their hair is naturally oily, giving it a visible sheen, and ranges in color from white to black. Their skin is almost universally pale, but can range in tone from grey to tan. Their most significant feature is their eyes, the majority of which are milk-white; however, surface chaja may have muted iris color. Young chaja are more colorless than their elders, whose eyes and hair often darken with age.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.

Shethrel, a goat herder

Tall and lean rather than muscular, Shethrel is the lone chaja in this
village. If any of the alatharya who reside here have any objections to his
residence or tending the local goat herd, he bears no sign of it besides a
quiet, solitary manner. He looks relatively young, his greyish skin unlined
and his sleek white hair clubbed at the base of his neck. Despite his close
work with animals, he carries with him only the faint aroma of soap.

Playing a Chaja

Strong, tough, and agile, the chaja make excellent warriors.


Long ago, the chaja were enslaved by the shuddeni. Countless generations of chaja have lived under brutal oppression. Their original culture has been thoroughly erased, and today their movements are closely monitored and suppressed.


Deep under the Brintor Mountains, chaja slaves toil for the shuddeni. The city of Yithoul is a prized cultural center for the eyeless masters and a nigh-inescapable cage for the chaja. Shuddeni investigators sniff out any thought of rebellion and loyal chaja are rewarded when they report suspicious activity. Even after a successful escape from Yithoul itself, fleeing chaja often fall prey to nearby dangers, such as the phase spider above or flame elementals below.

Free Chaja

On the surface, the strict lifestyle of Yithoul is impossible to enforce. Yet, the shuddeni cannot do without their chaja porters, guards, and soldiers. Escape is a much safer prospect for those allowed up to the surface, and rumors suggest more chaja walk free now than ever before.

Some chaja form reclusive groups, finding shelter where they can in the wilds. Others attempt to integrate with wider society. Crude stereotypes and lingering prejudice frustrate their efforts in both cases. Humans especially resent the chaja’s role in the ancient War of Night and the more recent Eyeblight War.

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