“Elar took to them as both a sculptor and a mother, molding and nurturing them until they reflected Her own image– strong, beautiful, and wise.  These once-creatures were now Her children, and She named them ethron, most-blessed.” – Taqashe Ana-Qali, teacher at The Chanisal Monastery

Ethron are typically found living in ‘natural’ environments, away from large stone cities; their dwellings are traditionally built in and around the local plant life. Most live amongst the forest, but some have built their societies underwater, within deep lakes and near the edges of seas. They congregate in large extended families called clans, and are typically matriarchal, with the Eqiril clan in Qilarn forest being a noted exception.


Maximum Stats


Other traits

Pracs / levelResistVulnOtherLanguage
3Swim, Water Breathing,
Move silently in nature,
Faster move regen


Ethron are typically shorter than humans, ranging from four and a half to five and a half feet tall. Their skintone reflects their environment to an extent; most commonly ethron are green but clans hailing from the Nendor region are often brownish, Alenshan ethron having a goldish tint, and sea ethron typically being blue in colour; other shades are rarely seen but not impossible. The overall colour remains the same throughout life but the shade may change with age. They are stocky in build, with dense musculature and a layer of subcutaneous fat; this latter is more prominent in ethron hailing from colder waters.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.

Teisa, psionicst and Sister of Aanqa

A hard ethron woman with a face like an axe, Teisa stands preternaturally still at all times, her rare movements sharp and utterly precise. A famed whale-hunter, she is known for somehow luring the beasts to her in order to bring them down. An exemplar of a long tradition amongst Lielqan’s faithful, she weaves mundane songs with her powerful force of mind to enchant her quarry to their doom. She wears her hair in a tight ponytail, matted into thicker strands by the salt that crusts her worn gear. A series of shark-tooth earrings pierces up both her ears, polished nearly to a gemstone finish.

Playing an Ethron

Next to humans, ethron have the widest range of classes available to them. Their high constitution and wisdom make them good defenders, while their strength provides melee offense.

All ethron are able to swim and breathe underwater and regenerate movement points more swiftly in well-lit places. On land, they may move silently so long as they are outside of a city.



Ethron tend to live in extended family groups called clans. The clans are often matriarchal, and they each have their own traditions. Below are some existing clans. Feel free to invent your own.

The Eqiril Clan is in Qilarn Forest, northwest of Var Bandor. They live in harmony with the forest, shaping their homes from the oak trees. They are primarily hunters and druids. Their clanchief, Lord Falirn, guides the clan’s council in defending the forest from magically-induced decay.

The Qali Clan is centered in the Chanisal Monastery, south of Var Bandor. In a symbiotic relationship with the village of Eril, the Qali clan emphasizes Elaran beliefs of abundance, generosity, and conservation.

Eril Village, although governed by the Eril ethron clan, welcomes members of any race, provided they are not evil-aligned. The Eril are known for their openness, stability, and willingness to trade.

The Sisters of Aanqa are not related by blood, but treat each other as family all the same. Worshipers of Leilqan, they live by the Sea of Lidraeu. Militant defenders of life, they despise the undead and all others who would squander the Sunset’s gift.

Independent Ethron

For whatever reason, an ethron might leave their clan, or be born to a family that does not adhere to the clan system. These are the ethron generally found in cities. Perhaps they have left clan life behind to study a forbidden magical art, such as fire or void; perhaps they merely could not get along with their clan. Regardless, the need for kinship runs deep in ethron as a whole. They may seek out a found family, or grow depressed and irritable at the lack of one.

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