“Welcome to the Beast and Bandit. I’m Ghonst. I keep the glasses full and the place respec’able.” – Ghonst Ardon

Nomadic wolves, the kankoran are perhaps the race which most shuns civilization. They generally will form a tight-knit pack which is based on the concepts of the hunt, mutual protection, and collectivism.


Maximum Stats


Other traits

Pracs / levelResistVulnOtherLanguage
2ColdFireDark visionKankoran


The kankoran appear as wolf-like humanoids. Covered in fur, they are slightly larger than humans on average, and may or may not have tails. Their natural fur is similar to wolves of Earth–ranging from white to black, with mid tones of red, brown and grey. Their heads are primarily lupine, with protruding muzzle, sharp teeth, and pointed ears atop their heads. Kankoran stand and walk bipedally, on padded, digitigrade feet. Their hands have opposable thumbs and are comparably dexterous to humans.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.

Euphrin, a water templar

A bit on the short side, this long-furred kankoran is surprisingly sleek at the first glance. His thick pelt is utter black shot through with silver, somewhat reminiscent of a starry night. His ears flop forwards, a number of silver hoops threaded through each. His sharp teeth are pearly white and utterly clean, as are his neatly-trimmed, if filed-sharp claws. From deep within his fur, a pair of bright green eyes illuminate his face. He is overall meticulously groomed, fur free of mats and tangles, and if he smells of anything, it is soap. He walks with a heavy limp, his right leg apparently badly deformed.

Playing a Kankoran

A race founded on working together in order to survive, kankoran are generally able to endure a great deal of hardship, but are also quite capable of considerable agility when it proves necessary. Their fur leaves them vulnerable to flame, but it also protects them from the cold.


Kankoran can generally be found beyond the mountains to the north, where the climate is far cooler, and barren plains can be found. However, several packs have wandered southward toward the center of the realm, and some Kankoran have even been known to leave their packs in order to mingle with wider society, though this is frowned upon.

The Ryarl Pack

In the cold north, the Ryal pack roams the plains. Currently lead by Braka, they hunt bjorcha, fish for kilomni, and catch crabs, as well as gather the occasional plant matter their meat-heavy diet requires. They make trade with outsiders, selling fine leathers and bone jewelery in exchange for metal tools and weapons. Adamant in the defense of their traditional lands, the Ryarl oppose encroachment of other races. The cloak of harsh northern winter lends aid to their cause, and they pray to both Girikha the Stormwolf and Jolinn, Lord of the Frozen Sea.

Other Packs

The Rirro-Jagka is a region to the east, where red-furred kankoran dominate the land. Their worship focuses on Khanval, the war-like anti-imperialist.

The Crimson Sands is a desert to the south, where short-furred kankoran defy the heat. They shave their fur in intricate patterns, and venerate Arikanja, the even-handed survivalist.

Var Bandor is a central city, where kankoran diaspora have banded together, forming small packs. Their religion is as blended as their families, with borrowings from the nefortean god of luck, Tzajai, and the humans’ smith of smiths, Dolgrael.

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