“Secrets are easy. But good gossip–that’s hard.” – a nefortu regular at the Beast and Bandit pub

The nefortu are a cavern-dwelling race speculated to share a distant ancestor with common bats. Hardy and intelligent, the nefortu have carved a niche for themselves as merchants throughout Avendar. While many are born within cities both near and abroad, the majority of nefortu claim heritage in the dank caves of Rahh-Nefor.


Maximum Stats


Other traits

Pracs / levelResistVulnOtherLanguage
3LightSonicNatural flight,
small size



The nefortu are the smallest of the mortal races, averaging about four feet tall. Their bodies are hairless and leathery, their skin color ranging from brown to black. The nefortu have long, pointed ears which are particularly sensitive to sound, making them keen to the chittering of their fellows and pained by loud noises. They have retained the ability to fly using large, leathery wings.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.

Ajziz, Water/Void Guildmaster

This dark brown nefortu is far-better dressed than their surroundings
would suggest: they wear expensive, intricately-embroidered silks and
tasteful crystal and silver jewelry pierced through their ears, nose, and
lower lip. The source of Ajziz Laan’s obvious wealth is a minor point of
local notoriety; they have a reputation of healing for pay with very few
questions asked, making them popular in a part of Earendam that might not
have the means or desire to seek out Salyra’s official healers. Whispers
swirl about their association with both the Casidian House and the Company
of the Serpent, organizations with definite interests in secrecy that extend
far beyond social politics. Little if anything can be proven, and their
work benefits enough of the local residents that their license to practice
continually remains in good standing.

Playing a Nefortu

Nefortu excel at classes that rely on dexterity, especially assassins, watchers, and thieves.


Known far and wide as tricksters, the deceptions of the nefortu are often malevolent. They may not be good aligned, but may be neutral or evil and of any ethos.


The sea-cave of Rahh-Nefor currently holds the largest majority population of nefortu. Families of adults live in niches in the cave wall, while the young are raised by the creche matron Kalilaqa.

Wheeling and Dealing

In the cities, nefortu have found a niche in commerce. Worshipers of Ayaunj tend to be sticklers for contracts, while Tzajai’s followers are often involved in scams and cons. While the nefortu collect coin as a bit of a game, others view their tricks with less joviality. Prejudice arises from the culture clash, and even a respectable, law-abiding nefortu may find themself faced with accusations of fraud and malicious intent.

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