“Welcome to the Beast and Bandit. I’m Ghonst. I keep the glasses full and the place respec’able.” – Ghonst Ardon

The srryn are a race of cold-blooded, bipedal reptiles. Covered with tough scales and born with whip-like tails, they are cunning warriors who often use their natural speed and strength to good advantage. They mainly dwell in swamps, lowlands, and deserts, and are well-known for their long history as itinerant raiders of nearby settlements. Srryn leadership often comes with age, predicated on the assumption that no incompetent would survive that long.


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Srryn are lizard people.

Example Descriptions

Below are sample descriptions from NPCs and past player characters. These descriptions are for reference only; you should not use them for your characters.

Ssenkhatha, Elder Warrior of Sythtys

Ssenkhatha stands as a mass of tightly-corded muscle, bulging sickeningly as he flexes through movement. His scaled figure is huge, dominating, and covered with scarring gashes, nicks and grazes. A cruel, many-toothed maw opens and closes, while a thin pinkish-black tongue flicks in and out beckoningly, arrogantly. His limbs are thick with strength, powerful and sturdy. A tail, beginning as thick as his waist and slimming to a simple point, lashes out slowly behind him as a cruel, living whip.

Playing a Srryn

Srryn are fast, strong, and tough. They come equipped with natural weapons, claws and a tail, which they can use with some unarmed skills. They make excellent warriors, naturalists, bandits, thieves, and assassins. As druids, swordmasters, and templars, their low mana can be a limiting factor, though not insurmountable.

Historically, srryn have been played as aggressive PK instigators. Playerkilling is a valid form of play! You’re welcome, and encouraged, to try it. Be prepared with a roleplaying reason before you attempt a PK. Consider hatred of warmbloods to be an acceptable starting place, but your RP should not end there.


The Swamp of Sythtys

Sythtys is the native home of the srryn. A great swamp south of the Dantaron river valley, Sythtys is abundant with plant and animal life. The srryn of Sythtys primarily hunt, fish, and gather; they have neither farms nor herds. Lacking both mines and quarries, they make use of wood, leather, and bone tools. More advanced material goods are generally acquired by raiding. Although trade is not unheard of, the Sythtys srryn are famously aggressive to other races. They are locked in perpetual tension with Earendam, as they simultaneously defend their homeland from the imperialist city, and raid said city’s outlying villages. They take not only goods, but people, and the stories of tortured human prisoners are not mere Earendamian propaganda. The Sythtys srryn generally pray to Sythrak, the Saurian Lord, who is a bellicose reptile-supremacist.

Srryn Disaspora

Not all srryn despise other races so belligerently. Septs that honor Sitheus take up a colder, more calculated loathing. Fenthirans break from hatred entirely, seeking to learn from warmbloods and adopt whatever seems advantageous.

The Fen of the Banished

West of the Forest of Nendor, the Fens have become home to followers of Sitheus. Banished from Sythtys, these Sitheans nurse a cold enmity against Sythrak’s sept which surpasses even their hatred of warmbloods. These druidic cultists roam the fens, at one with the diseased energies of Sitheus’ realm. They tread carefully around their militant leader, Kassitha, as they gather strength for their inevitable vengeance against Sythrak.

Civil Srryn

Some srryn forgo contempt for other races, and attempt to integrate into multi-racial communities. The race’s reputation for violence precedes them, making prejudice a recurring barrier. Despite the prejudice, Fenthira’s guiding hand pushes these srryn into the wider world, bringing forth their natural curiosity and adaptability. City srryn can be found as shopkeepers, porters, guards, and gladiators; village srryn are often fishers. In the Laskia tribe, srryn are tenders of the large docile reptiles known as srorsians. Srryn have contributed to the world’s guilds, bringing knowledge of srorsians to rangers and druids, and popular new fighting techniques to the arena.

Small Bands

Wishing to remain independent, some srryn groups have left the nest of Sythtys and formed their own small sects. Scattered across Avendar, these bands are often hunters or bandits, or both. Their history may be as old as the War of Fire or as recent as yesterday.

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