Whether these unusual creatures are refugees from the Realm of Spirit or from some other more bizarre outer plane is unknown, but the ch'taren are here to stay. Ch'taren appear as tall, slender humanoids with shimmering golden skin. It is believed that they do not exist entirely within this plane, as they are observed to be slightly translucent. As a race, they are noted not only for their ability at magic, but also their free-spirited nature and good intentions.

Note for newer players: Ch 'taren must be played as having pure and good natures, and thus require some extra consideration when roleplaying. They are more likely to be attacked by some NPCs and PCs simply because of their race than most characters are. Likewise, they are more likely to be trusted by strangers and called upon for aid.

You can view several sample descriptions from past ch'taren characters.

Ch'taren Traits
Native LanguageCh'taren
Resistancesphysical, mental
Special Abilitiespass door
Ch'taren Classes
Warriors Rogues Scholars Templars Naturalists Mentalists Other
Swordmaster Bandit Void Scholar Void Templar Druid Assassin Alchemist
Fighter Thief Fire Scholar Fire Templar Ranger Psionicist
Barbarian Watcher Earth Scholar Earth Templar
Gladiator Bard Air Scholar Air Templar
Water Scholar Water Templar
Spirit Scholar Spirit Templar

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