The Classes

Each character in Avendar has an adventuring class. The class determines the character's abilities. Guilds are established throughout the land to help train characters in their class's abilities. Click the class name below to view the details about the class's abilities.

The classes can be categorized into general professions.


The profession of warrior is perhaps the oldest of the adventuring classes. Students of the arts of war and physical combat, warriors come in three different backgrounds.

  • Fighter -- a soldier of fortune, a master of tactics
  • Swordmaster -- an artist of the blade, a dedicated student of grace and perfection
  • Gladiator -- a pit fighter, a warrior built on wits and guts, a survivor, and a vicious combatant


The profession of rogue is populated by the quick-witted and the secretive, who prefer to live by their keen wit and nimble fingers. Rogues come in three different traditional professions.

  • Thief -- From pickpocket to backstabber, this city dwelling criminal is well known
  • Bandit -- leaving behind the petty trickery of the thief, this rogue relies on brute force as well as deception
  • Bard -- minstrels, singers, storytellers, who make musical magic


Scholars are sages who have devoted their life to the study of the various elemental magics. Their area of specialization is determined early in life, where they choose major and minor spheres of elemental influence (see Magic in Avendar for more details).

  • Water -- the element of life, of healing, this scholar weaves spells of mending and life
  • Spirit -- the greatest master of the energy of the soul, he uses the energy of life and the spirit in wondrous ways
  • Earth -- with the solidity of earth, a mixture of the earth's anger and defense is possible
  • Air -- the most fickle of the elements, this master of illusion and misdirection cannot be predicted
  • Void -- this master of negative energies taps this, causing death, disease, poison and plague, even raising the dead, and more...
  • Fire -- born of destruction, of heat, of magma, this scholar calls forth all the most offensive powers in the world


Each the spheres of magic has given birth to a templar, a student of the elements, who is also a student of the fighting skills, and combines force of arm with the magical powers of the elements.

  • Water -- combining both the healing and destructive forms of water magic with a swordsmans skills
  • Spirit -- harnesses spirit magics into offensive tools, attacking the very essence of opponents
  • Earth -- the protective powers of the earth aid in battle
  • Air -- misdirection and evasion combined with deadly skill
  • Void -- delves into the outer layers of the void to gain power for victory
  • Fire -- deadly and unpredictable, capable of unleashing great destructive force on enemies


Those who choose the profession of naturalist have, through one way or another, associated their fortunes with that of nature's. While not necessarily defenders of nature, all naturalists are at home there, and use the pecularities of the wild to their advantage.

  • Barbarian -- a terror of combat, a crushing force of unparalleled destruction 
  • Ranger -- a warrior of the forest, skilled in tracking and in tune with the creatures and plants
  • Druid -- a priest of the moon, of the earth, of the sun, and of life, they draw upon the elemental powers inherent in nature


The mentalist profession is for those whose affinity is for the mind. Foregoing the ways of elemental magic, they instead embrace the potential of psionics.

  • Psionicist -- Devotees of the mind, they are dedicated to tapping their own inherent mental power.
  • Assassin -- a killer, sometimes silent, sometimes swift and brutal, and always effective at the art of death
  • Watcher -- keen-eyed bounty hunters, staff-masters, and forgers, wary of friend and foe alike

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