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Featuring fantastic web comics by the Avendar immortals themselves! Other Avendar sites simply cannot compare!

Sample Map 1
Sample Map 2
Comics by Ramc and CHUDS:
Comic one
Comic two
Comic three
Comic quatro
Comic cinco
Comic six

Comics by Iandir:
#1: A Day in the Life
#2: All This Time (Warning: this one's huge. Maximize those browsers for full comic effect!)

A re-imagining of Iandir Comic 2, by special guest artist Eluude (note: first two panels only) (but cool!)
A bizarre rendering of Iandir, a work of art by Taski (backstory)

Comics by Kestrel
Comic #01 -- Everyone's Wished It At Least Once
Comic #02 -- EZ-Kwaf
Comic #03 -- Iandir's Comic, re-redone
Comic #04 -- Beef I
Comic #05 -- Beef II
Comic #06 -- Beef III
Comic #07 -- Beef IV
Comic #08 -- Alatharya
Comic #09 -- Knights (Written by Iandir)
Comic #10 -- WoW (Apologies to Bill Amend)
Comic #11 -- Evil Lite (Cowritten with Galyndir)
Comic #12 -- Ethron angry! ETHRON SMASH! (written by Ramc, photoshopped by Kestrel, images from br4z3n)

Kestrel presents "Worst Ways To Die" (in no particular order)
Worst Way To Die #1 -- Early Relief (Huge)
Worse Way To Die #2 -- Loose Soil

Comic by guest artist Sarauble

Avendar comics by fluxcat
fluxcomic 1
fluxcomic 2

Tasteless Avendar comic by Eluude
Eluude's Comic

Old old old comics by Oni
Issue 1
Issue 2
Week 1, Issue 1
Week 1, Issue 2
Week 1, Issue 3
Week 1, Issue 4
Week 1, Issue 5
Week 2, Issue 1
Week 2, Issue 2
Week 2, Issue 3