A game like Avendar doesn’t appear overnight, and is the collaborative work of many people over many years. But to give credit where credit is due (or to point the finger of blame for your addiction), thanks go to…

Current Staff

Implementer Staff

The few, the proud, the ones in charge:

  • neongrey
  • ninjadyne

Current Staff

No thanks is enough for those willing to keep Avendar’s day-to-day fun for everyone:

  • Taski
  • Promethus / mcshaggy
  • Thayet

Former Staff

The Founding Imps

…without whom there would be no Avendar. They provided the guiding vision of Avendar’s setting and made it a reality, establishing standards of quality and excellence along the way and investing incredible amounts of their time and talents to make it all happen:

  • Ashur – Matt Wallace
  • Iandir – Thane Williams
  • Jolinn – Brandon Downey

Other Imps

Those who have played key roles in managing and developing the game, including developments to code, production oversight, developing the setting and world canon, and adding and improving other game resources:

  • Aeolis / Erinos
  • Brazen / Marlax
  • Synrael / Serachel
  • Chadim / Raestral

Other Former Staff

Those who’ve invested time and energy into building areas, handling immortal interactions and other special events, developing code, and otherwise making other substantive contributions to the game:

  • Arkhural / Caine
  • Arenhammur
  • blueemu
  • Cazel / Chadraln
  • Girikha / Yendri / EYG
  • Inquinox / Sythrak
  • Rannock
  • Rhaokarr
  • Rystaia
  • Dovolente / Joktan / Enirra
  • Kestrel / Iacobos / Tzajai
  • Kudrov
  • Telelion / Sardonix
  • Yzeek / Azagog
  • Ramc / Rveyelhi

Many others have also been on the staff for a time and lent a hand: Aeraap, Aerina, Benedir, Calesta, Caraighan, Korodrath, Korthalos, Kronos, Fluxcat, Landeyda, Lilune, Phandaal, Transmitt, Saedacal / Brooksy, Sitheus, Ravn, Regalas, Ztheir

Other Credits